For many reasons I love walking.  As a child my family went on hikes in the mountains of Hawaii and on these walks it was time to reflect, explore, and be with my family.  Now that I am adult I use walking to help me march forward to health and fight back arthritis, diabetes, and heart stress.  I worry because I am obese and I miss being able to take longer hikes and my health with having cancer had been going down and I want it to improve. My honest goal is to get back to walking more and I hope that eventually I will be able to run in a marathon.  I have a cousin who was also diagnosed with cancer and he is involved with many walks and runs included a half marathon and I am always inspired when he posts his results.

Support me please! I want to raise money to keep me enrolled in swim therapy and to enter into the next 5K event.


I want to give back to everyone who does support me with a handwritten Love Letter of thanks and postcards of my progress.

Pear Blossom Run

I was supported by my family Linda my Aunt and Emily my cousin on the walk itself and all of my family that cheered me on.  This was a hard walk for me because of my joints but I really did well enough because I finished at the same time as the Shamrock Run.  I am still needing to take many breaks but I am still making it through to the end even if I am the last one.


Shamrock Run

My second 5K Walk and I will be doing it with my Wells Fargo volunteer team. I am really excited about this.

wpid-2013-03-17_09-03-21_793.jpg Ready for some greenwpid-2013-03-17_08-51-59_736.jpg

Valentin Run Portland

This is my first 5K run/walk I completed it in 1 hour 26 mins. I am so happy and very honored by all of the support I had.


In the summer of 2012 I was going through physical therapy and I was presented with a challenge idea to sign up for a 5K walk so that I would have a goal.

Well I wasn’t sure at first but I decided to give it a try. The training started that summer but I didn’t really get focused until December of last year. When I started it took me an hour to finish 1 mile and now I can usually finish 2.5 miles in an hour. I realized that I would need to keep doing 5K walks or I would fall back into unhealthy habits of not walking. So I scheduled myself to do a 5K each month after the first one.  My health has declined and I have torn a meniscus in my left knee so I have had to stop walking for a bit but I will be having surgery to get better and get walking again.


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