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Some Walking


This past week I was sick but I was also moving around a great deal more than I have been in a while. My surgery site looks like I skinned my knee and it healing very well and I so very happy to be able to move more.  My kitten and I have been playing on the floor together as stretch out so she is keeping up her end of the deal for moving in by helping me keep up with my workouts.  Tomorrow I am going to be grabbing her stroller and taking a walk and see how she like walking around the parking lot.  If she is cool with that then next week we might walk around the block.  She is still playing fetch and it is very fun!


Taking your human for a walk


This video is beautiful and reminds me of how much kittens are important for laughter in your life. Please enjoy!

Succotash Sunday


Okay so it’s a cold day almost everywhere in the norther hemisphere and just because it is Sunday does not mean the weather is going to rest and give us a break.  I am getting ready for my surgery tomorrow by cleaning and cooking but I am worried that I just won’t be ready.  There is also some running around I need todo to pick up stuff from the library, the pharmacy and like there is more I am forgetting.  

I am very excited to have my surgery and moving toward getting my knee repaired so that I can go on more walks and possibly some hiking this year.  Just yesterday while at work I found this group via Meet ups for people in the local area that enjoy hiking I am looking forward to joining them later this year.  

In the future we shall all be hungry for more.

Preparing for Surgery


In 8 days I will be going into surgery to repair the meniscal tear to my left knee that plagues me with pain.  I have recently gotten a cane to help me with walking and my friend from church is letting me use a walker to help me move around. Things will be difficult for about a week while I heal but I have faith in my friends and in myself to manage my healing for a week.  I must say I am excited to get this done because it means that I will be able to walk around more without the need of a cane as much.  

My hope is that I can start walking again in 5Ks next year!  But mostly I hope that I can enjoy taking a walk in the park again. 

Prepare your heart


I happen to be one of those wonderful fat people in America and it’s not easy but it is there and it cannot be hidden.


 Having a weight that makes you think about the effect you have on the world you interact with creates a very different view point. I look at clothing differently along with cooking, cleaning, bathing, walking, biking, relaxing, and my friends.  

Image I react to everything physically in a very cautious way and the same is true of others when they see me.  Seating space is a problems often and I will grab floor space to not take up so much room.  The problem with that is it hurts my body to be on the floor but I emotionally don’t like asking folks to get up for me to be not in pain.  People don’t want to make me feel bad because of my weight but making it a impolite topic to create incorrect ideas about a person.  There have been many studies showing that people just react badly to a fat person and we treat them with less kindness than a drunk sometimes. 


My cancers Melanoma and Thyroid have made it difficult as well to manage my weight and I get many pity looks.  Honestly I like the pity sometimes because the emotional weight of all of the cancer, arthritis, and baggage of not being the hero for others is a heavy load.

It is difficult for me to exercise because I have osteoarthritis and it has caused me to stop participating in the 5K walks I enjoy so much.  I love to cook delightful meals that are fantastic and healthy but I lack the strength and stamina to prepare anything.  For that matter just going shopping for food is difficult with the pain in my knees and back. 

Sharing this with my readers makes me feel awkward because I want to do more and better for myself with regard to my weight.  I am preparing my heart to be strong enough to get better and not allow size of the problem to out wit me. 



Today I walked 7136 steps and for my pace and stride that amounts to just over 2 miles.  I know this after measuring my steps on a 1/4 mile track (Aloha High school) that for me to walk 1 mile I need to take 3000 steps.  I really am worried some days that I won’t be able to make it through the 5K walk Feb. 10th but I know this is the best way for me to stay motivated.  Signing up for this 5K is a psychological push to get me to walk and be focused on the steps of achieving a healthier life.  I am writing down all of my low and high data points as in weight lost or gained, distance walked one day vs. another day, and my mood.  I emotionally want to break down and call myself a failure but I am not I am succeeding.  The data proves that I am succeeding regardless of my feelings and that is why I love science.  I would really like everyone who reads this to walk just a bit more today for science. 

Hooray for links:


Sharing honesty

Because I have started getting involved with walking group events to motivate myself to get moving and out the door I am finding stories like this.  I am happy about this story so I wanted shared.  

5K walk prep


5K walk prep

So each day this week I have walked 1.5 miles and today I walked 2 miles. I am very tired this week because I will confess that I was really not feeling well for like two weeks and I did not walk as much. This week I have really stuck with it and walked on each of my breaks at work. I am able to get in a 1/4 mile on my two short breaks and 1/2 on my lunch. This is doing a few things for me like keeping me a wake during my class lectures and building up my stamina. I still would like people to support me and join my team for the Valentine Run named Swiss Miss. This run has a 5/8/12 K options for participating and you don’t have to run because I certainly will not be. Oh on a science note while I am tired I am creating more oxygen in my blood by being active on my breaks and there in fighting my anemia.

Strange season


I am excited and feeling completely off center this season because of all of the things that have transpired.  Once I again I have forgotten to take my iron supplements for about a week and I am lacking all energy needed to feel like I can get through my day.  What is strange about this is that I still went on my training walk for my 5K run today and that was all I had to give for the day.  This made me feel good because it means that my dedication is winning over my anemia, cancer, weight, arthritis, and my own sloth monster.  I am keeping this short because I really tired. 


Thank you all for reading and good luck.