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Who will Smash it up with Sherlock


Unleash the Flippant


I took my fish out of hiding to day because he was just feeling to sad and alone in the bag he was in.  I do not mean that he was just floating around in a bag what I mean is that his tank was in a bag that I took him home in from work.  Flippant was previously named Sushi and Mr. Swimmy but my friend Rivikah said that was silly and name him Flippant.  I am okay with this because he is rather flippant.  Anyway I did have Flippant at work for a long time but then I got asked to bring him home.  It made me sad but apparently having a fish at work is against the rules.  He is a beta fish and just a beautiful shade of blue and shimmers red when he swims but he never looks purple.  Flippant is a great fish and totally a helper when it comes to writing and staying focused at my desk.  

So hooray for Flippant the fish a writer companion if there ever was one.  The Doctor never had a fish this useful… but then again the Doctor is not a writer.  Eh oh well I am so I guess that comparison is not great but the point is Flippant is a great fish.

The Silence


The Silence

Okay fellow Whovians get your sharpies and start marking off how many whovians you can find among the world out there.
So come along Ponds and tally up your fellow whovians and just like with the weeping angels be vigilant.

Time and relative dimensions in space


Time and relative dimensions in space

I cannot tell a lie regarding the Doctor. The very concept of a species like the Galifrayans excites and pushes my feeling of wonderment to the surface. For all of my fellow Whoviens Thank you for understanding and loving the Doctor as well.