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May the 4th be.. OMG Solar Flare


I saw this image and I just could not resist sharing.  Once again my favorite science news space is in the spotlight with a solar spot.  Every time I have a moment to look through my space photos I am always happy.  



Enjoy today everyone!


KOI (Kepler Object of Interest) 172.02 AKA Sexy Planet Names

If you have seen anyone play Portal 2 or have played it you might be familiar with “Space core” who is obsessed with space.  I totally relate to the Space core because I love space and I developed that love of space watching Star Trek as a child.  Also watching Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and I encourage everyone to watch it.  Here is a musical intro to our wonder Sagan’s world.

Anyway this story is about our big sister planet KOI172.02 with the sexy name.

.. ☆ . +.。 . . . . . 。 ゚。, ☆ ゚. + 。 ゚ ,。 . 。 , .。゚ 。 ゚ . +。 ゚ * 。. , 。゚ +. 。*。 ゚. . . . …, 。SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA­­­­­AAAAAAAAAACCE + ゚ 。 。゚ . ゚。, ☆ * 。゚. o, 。 . + ゚ 。 。゚ . ゚。, ☆ * 。゚. ☆ * 。゚. o, 。 . + ゚ 。+。 ゚ * 。. , 。゚ +. 。

Toot toot for Tuesday!


I am feeling so much better today than I have in weeks and I think it is because I finally was able to get my sleep cycle corrected in the last 48 hours.  I am cooking sushi rice for my lunch tomorrow because I am making a bento meal.  What I will be making is salmon rolls and I will also marinate some carrots and broccoli in sushi vinegar sauce for a salad.  For some reason I have lost my favorite chop stick that I usually take to work but thankfully I have a back up set or 3.  But I have other news to share about today!

I ordered a coat for myself a few weeks ago but it was on back order and it just arrived today and I just love it.  When I can I will take some photos of me in my new coat but that might be tomorrow before I can show everyone.  I am very excited about this coat because it is long enough to cover my butt and the sleeves are long enough too plus it has a hood that I can detach and it has a wind guard.  Oh and it has an inner liner that I can remove when the weather gets warmer.  So this means I will feel warmer when I go out walking and riding my bike.  Oh tomorrow I will start riding my bike to work again now that I have fixed things with Trimet and my Honors Citizen pass.

Oh some geekery news there is a proposal to “Lasso an asteroid and mine it in orbit around the moon.”


Good Luck!