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Can’t sleep the fish will eat me


I don’t actually think my fish Flippant will eat me but I am having trouble getting to sleep and I really can’t find a good reason.  Well there is one reason, I did not exercise today because I over worked my knee this past week.  Without the nice expenditure of energy I have trouble getting to sleep.  I am sure eventually the sleep fairy will find me and grant me some sleep sand but for not I shall wonder and get myself in trouble on the internet I think.

Friday the 13th….


I can’t say I am surprised that I could not sleep Friday the 13th but not for the usually strange luck sort of day events I had some test done once again at another hospital. The awake time I logged was from 10:30am on 9/12 until 1:30pm 9/13 so 27 hours of no sleep. Oh yes I crashed hard on to my bed only to be woken up at 2:30pm to make an appointment with yet another doctor.

Week 2 of being on disability leave is mostly done at this point and I have gotten so much more done this week than last and I am feeling coherent. I have to write a few more articles and make some choices about what is going to happen next week to finish off this week. I am trying not to put too much on my plate each week so that I can actually get thing done and I am feeling like it is working.


Good luck for everyone wrapping up their weeks work and cheers to everyone making plans for the future like me.

“May the odds be ever in your favor.”

Sleep face



Schedule Change


Today I have off because of my wonderful schedule change and I think I may have slept for 11-12 hours…  Okay so I um didn’t sleep much the last week and then Saturday night folks just pushed me right over the edge of manageable crazy so I really did not sleep.   That means Sunday was amazing for me and the folks around me enjoying the radiant glow of my sleep debt.   I finally got done with things that needed to get done on Sunday around 6pm ish and then I went to bed.  I woke up around 6am this morning and been slowly becoming awake.  

So the plan for today is to enjoy my recalibration of sleep cycle and schedule.  I will be going shopping then likely I will garden a bit. 

Agents of Chaos be warned I am in no mood


Work has finally found a bit of a rhythm and I am now forced to work on stuff at home… I hate this idea in the most profound way at the moment.  I am not in the mood to fold clothing and yet it sits there mocking me as the indiscreet devil it is.  I have not the patients for waking up early to drop by the Trimet office to get my Honored Citizens paperwork filed.  But these are things I must do in short order for if I do not the agents of chaos shall gain more ground on the battlefield that is my life.  So I shall sleep well and wake well, thus the monsters of tomorrow will fear me.