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Saturday was such a wash..


Hey everyone today it rained really hard and all of the plants that went into the ground yesterday all look really good today.  Someone was musing to me that I only write about my garden and not about geeky things anymore.  I had to explain to her that this is my geek gasam and geek is a general term for being passionate about something and knowing and learning all the crazy fun things about it.  What I love about gardening is that it is like a science project that is always changing and I am constantly learning stuff.  I keep a log of the changes and I look up the facts and science of the things I am growing and what I want to grow in the future. It’s a totally science approach to what is going on and it inspires me to more experiments.   

I had mentioned that I am going to start building my tiny house and I have made a plan to start with building a mobile greenhouse so that I can take it with me when I move.  This is going to let me learn what I need about building things and also have a greenhouse for when I am attending school for Horticulture science at OSU.  I am now officially accepted into PCC so that I can start my transfer degree and I am hoping that I can get all the classes I need inside 18 months but I am okay if it takes longer.  Everything is up in the air right now because I still need to take my placement tests and working on the the scholarships.  For right now I am just getting more organized so that I can go back to school and that is fun but it’s still a ton more work that I was thinking at first.  

If anyone wants to help me raise the money to go back to school that would be amazing as I need to gather $8,000 for the Fall term at PCC.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and science filled day!

Tuesday was trembling


I love this project and It makes me think of stuff I wanted to do as a kid & a teen. My hope is that this will make a good start to cleaning up our mess in the oceans. We just need a better way to live in this world.

Lost Monday


I have lost my cable for my camera for my garden and that makes me sad because my garden is doing really well.  Moxie is thinking I am just messy and I should clean my house and I would find it.  I told her she should start and show me how and her response was to roll over and tempt me with rubbing her belly.  That is why I can never get things done.. there is always a belly that needs to be rubbed. 

But I should get to finding that cable so that means today will be busy with the cleaning and organizing.. but it is so pretty outside and there is the cat too.  I don’t hold out much hope for me to get much done but I will do my best.  

Oh I applied for a job at OMSI the Science Museum here in Oregon and while I will likely not get it but it would be fun to be in a job where I can nerd out. 

Love your Cephalopod


Love your Cephalopod

I have made pancakes before and other wonderful breakfast food but this makes me want to play with my food more! This is why I love cooking so much.. Food + Science + Art what is not fun about that.

Coming soon more pictures of my Garden with Moxie.


Sunny Thursday

Hey so I have not been posting or writing because I have been looking for a new job and working through my current one like I am on eggshells.  I have been gardening… like everyday and it’s been really fun.  Anyway the is a link to an amazing project that I have thought this should be our future for years.  It’s called Solar Roadways and it seems to be focused on everything I like… the future, solar energy, recycling, modular, sustainable, nerdy science stuff, and TRON!  

Please take a bit of time and look through the site and drool if you want or jump up and down or giggle maniacally … not that I did any of those things… Please enjoy.

Hope for Monday


Hey so I like positive news and science news and this is both in one! This was a wonderful way to start the day. I like the world I live in because they are exciting times. Now when I say exciting I know we are struggling but we have a capacity to talk with people from all over the world. I have been inspired and reminded of simple easy solutions to solve problems in my own life from people across the globe. This is due to videos on YouTube, Ted Talks, DIY blogs, IRC, and much more.
Thank you for watching this video and I hope it can bring some hope into your heart.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the Gold standard


I am more and more impressed with this man and he reminds me of Thomas Jefferson with his diverse background and knowledge. I am hoping that I could be as eloquently spoke when given the chance.

Pluto we missed you


No longer a moon Pluto is a Planet. 

Yes everyone Pluto is back and I cannot be more happy for our solar system no longer a ‘dwarf planet’.  The International Astronomical Union (IAU) marched on in line with classifications as science is want to do and for a time our dear Pluto was not a planet.  In our hearts we knew this was a problem but it was hard to argue because they had all these rules.  But as with science and the planets things shift and perspective is gained after time and finally we know more and we grow and come to a new understanding. Honestly the history of Pluto is sort of amazing because we weren’t really able to see it for a long time and it was Newtonian physics that kept telling us about our brother in the solar system. In 2005 there were some measurements coming in for the stars and it was discovered that there moons of other plants that were larger than Pluto.  It was in 2006 the IAU kicked the planet in the teeth and called it a dwarf planet and not to be a full planet. This was a cold burn in our hearts that had come to love this awkward planet and did not care the size because our heart knew the truth that Pluto was our 9th planet. 

This is not the first time science has done this and there have been movies and books telling this story of science and common understanding being at odds.  The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill is a story of one example but honestly this happens all the time.  We will do this again to ourselves but if we keep at it and being honest with ourselves and what is the truth things can find a balance.  

Please take a moment today and open your hearts again to the joy and hope that is science for doing the right thing.

Thursday is full of thought


Good morning,

I haven’t posted in a while because things have been difficult getting online access but I’ve saved up a bunch of good ideas.  Things I have been working on have been making a model for a tiny home that I hope to build in a few years.  The garden has been taunting me with ideas about what to plant and I keep thinking of Thomas Jefferson and Monticello with all of the experimental gardening and testing and growing of hybrids and such.  Jefferson was an amazing driven man that couldn’t stop being a scientist and experimenting or finding new modern things.  Cleaning has been my focus this past few weeks and so I have been sorting through my stuff and making plans to sell, donate, toss, or find a new use for.  It may sound strange but I am planning on getting rid of some books I have in my collection and this is because I’ve read them and they are not just space savers for new books!  

Moxie my kitty is doing wonderful and when I adopted her she was underweight and her back legs were lacking muscle so I am happy to report she has been gaining weight and her back legs are strong now.  She will sometimes play fetch with me and because I let her outside to play she has started asking to go outside when she needs to potty.  Leash training has been well enough but we haven’t been on a walk in a while.  She had decided that 5am is the best time to wake me up.. yeah 5AM.  But I am a morning person so this is not so bad and I get to watch her be crazy as she plays and plays and plays.  

Anyway thanks so much for reading and enjoying a cup of coffee with me.  I will write again really soon… oh have you heard about the crazy story about study on Autism this past week?   Here is a neat picture of the patches in the brain they have found with that study.


Kitchen Science!

How to Make Soy Yogurt
For all my Vegan, soy, and veggie friends but not limited to all my DIY friends or my crafty friends, or my crazy kitchen stuff is cool friends, oh and not to forget all of my friends that say “I will do it myself damn it”… also if you just think what a neat concept you people might enjoy it too!
Simpler and shorter than 12 step programs but they are important so pay attention to the times.
        Soy Milk
        Starter (plain soy yogurt)
        Yummy things after the yogurt is made to give it some more hooray in your mouth flavors.
The ‘Steps’ 
Step 1.
        Buy or make soymilk < Yeah you can totally make it yourself and it is simpler than you might         think.
Step 2.
        Heat the milk to 42°-45° C or 107.6°-113°F  Important!
Be sure that the temperature is correct.  Yogurt culture will only survive in a very narrow temperature.  Use a thermometer, I would normally say this is a tip but really don’t do this without a thermometer because I love ya and I don’t want you to hate yourself if you get this wrong.
Step 3.
        Add 4 tablespoons of the starter to the soy milk and mix well with a sterile spoon. Also by sterile I am not talking about running a spoon under the hot water and using a towel to dry it. Use soap and wash the damn thing because the cultures are sensitive and you want to be sure you get this right. 
Step 4.
        Put the yogurt into a yogurt maker.  Follow the directions for your brand of yogurt maker.  Yogurt makers will vary wildly in price but all do the same thing and have a timer but for those of use who don’t have one of these things here are some ideas on doing it without a separate device.  For the record I totally want a yogurt maker because kitchen gadgets are super fun!
*If you don’t have a yogurt maker, put the yogurt in the oven at 42°-45° C or 107.6°-113°F, for about 5-6 hours.  Also you can use a Heating pad by the way to do the same thing also you can if you have crock pot with programmable settings for temp and time that works too.
Step 5 or as I like to call step 1 part B.
        Yogurt will be runnier than dairy yogurt so you need to thicken and chill.
Add one level teaspoon of agar powder or 2 teaspoons or starch premixed with 50 ml of water to the soy milk when it begins to boil.
Alternatively, add one tablespoon of soy protein to soy milk before boiling it.
Okay people if you make this at home I want to hear about your science experiment with growing things in your food and then eating it.  This is why kitchen science is cool!