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Bigger on the inside


Yes like the TARDIS my new apartment is bigger on the inside.

So of course with moving into a new space it is always a pain and wonderful like today I was unpacking a box and found Toilet Paper and I was so grateful because I hadn’t any and was using napkins.   So while the last person who lived in the studio that I am now currently in had their bed front and center I really wanted to make better use of space.  

I worked and worked all day and as it turns out I am able to have much more than just a simple studio apartment..

  • bedroom
  • living room
  • den
  • kitchen
  • dining area
  • office
  • bathroom
  • dressing room

Now I wasn’t able to dedicated a space for my art work yet or a gallery wall but I will and honestly the dining area is still under construction.  I don’t have a small table or chair to accommodate an actual dining area so currently I eat in the den or living room.  These two spaces are distinguished by my black leather chair for the living room and my blue denim chair for the den and both make for a great living space and choices of seating areas.  If and when I get a TV I will have a theater space I think but realistically I am not big on TV watching or playing video games.   Please don’t die of shock everyone I am still a geek because I still love my science, comics, and projects I just don’t have time to get into a social 0 point of contact thing like playing a video game.  I would rather be in contact with people online or in person. 

Anyway I should have my place put together fully by the end of the month and will host a small party I think to celebrate and it will be my first actually housewarming party.  I hope I can find my plates and cook something fun for everyone!

The move


So after a few months living like I was camping and while that would normally be something fun it was very difficult.  I am undergoing some new treatments and they are doing well for me.  

I am going to be doing some research to find out why liquid vitamins seems to work better in my system than just a pill.  When I am done I will post some science stuff again.

I will be going back to work and I am very fortunate to have a job I like.  My new place is wonderful so I will feel safe going home and safe at work once again.  

Be well and love often!

Moving day


Things a changing in my life. I am getting ready for a move to Forest Grove, OR and it will be the first time I will be living on my own in a real way since I originally lived in Ashland, OR.  

My focus on writing has been off because well I haven’t been taking care of things for a long time so I have needed to play catch up with many items and that has put writing on the back burner.  But as in my Tumblr post I will be participating in the novel writing month and I am just a bit scared of that challenge but I know it will be fun.   Anyway wish me luck on moving and getting in to my new place and I will talk with everyone later.

Good Luck

New Life


I have taken a huge step to heal myself and I am not yet sure about what will happen to my world.  Last Friday was my last day of work for a while and it maybe the last time I work for a long time.  I feel odd not going to work today infact I am watching my clock and would normally start work in 20 mins.  

My plans for the first week are to review my current possessions and donate them or sell them via CraigsList.   I am am also doing all of my paperwork this week so that I don’t have any delays.  

The next week will be finding a new place to live because my current place is too expensive for being on disability.  I am excited and scare about this so that will be fun and difficult working through.  

Walking into a new life is a challenge that is met in surprising ways and I am hoping that it will be good surprises. 

Moving stress


Everyone knows how hard it is to move everything you own and go to a new place to live but it is what we do from time to time.  On Sunday I worked myself so hard cleaning up the last bit of my stuff for moving and I was then not able to move or get out of bed on Monday.  Thank goodness I wasn’t needed at work that day but I am behind in moving and that is a problem. Often when you are moving problems come up and it is difficult getting things settled because your world in in boxes.  

This post is mostly to express how stressed I am while doing this move and I will post more details later. For now I have to get on the road to take care of getting to a doctors appointment. Good luck everyone and I will write more again soon. 

New worlds


People make mistakes and they recover from almost everything they think they cannot.  Honestly people do die over broken hearts, great loss, and emptiness but there those who do not and more than anyone can ever believe when they are in the woes of chacos. Cancer I have beaten twice, not having a college degree or much of an education has been a huge cost to me.    I went to school and I ended up having to quit because I had a job doing what I was getting a degree to help me with.  

I moved more times than I care to imagine in the past 5 years because financially it has been just devastating recovering from cancer.  I am still paying for medical bills that I can’t really manage right now and that has just gotten me in hot water again.  The people I have been living with have extremely volatile and angry ways of just talking to people so my doctor has advised that I move out to not feel the threat of assault daily.  

I have found a safer place for me to live and I will be in that new space soon but I am just going through so many emotions right now it is very taxing on me.  

But I have to tell you that my new place will likely be better because for one they have animals that will be comforting and people that will help me when I am sick.  I am excited to move and eager to be healthy again and start walking again.  Yes I have missed the last couple of 5K walks due to illness and it has made me feel horrible but I will be back too it soon.  Wish me luck and I wish you luck. 

Love Heidy

Struggling with a rainbow


Variety is the spice of life and yet I feel like I live such a bland existence.  I do not eat the variety of foods that I would like.  I honestly am doing this post to share some pretty images.


I really wanted a rainbow cake for my birthday but I didn’t have the energy to make it and that still makes me sad.  If you want to know the worst thing about having cancer is for me?  It is not having the energy or strength to enjoy things.  I am getting a great deal better but oh wow I still don’t have the energy to clean up my room or make a cake.  




I am hoping that with all of my walking and how much it is helping me that I can start cooking more and enjoying some more foods that I want to make.  Oh thank you so much to my mother for sharing the cooking magazines because they are wonderful.

For my friends I am going to need to move by June and I am going to need some help with that and I would really like some brain storming about what are good options for me.  My budget is very tight but I can manage a month payment up to $700/monthly but I would like it be less so that I can better manage. 


Mud & wheels



It might not look it but this us the muddy slope of mount Doom.