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Keep up apprences


My studio apartment is wonderful and more than just cozy it is productive, inspiring, and relaxing.  Now with everything in life maintenance is required like laundry, picking up things that get used during a week and sweeping the floors finally.  I find my biggest issue with keeping my place looking nice is my kitchen because it is so small everything looks like a mess if it is not picked up.  Currently everything in my place needs a little picking up but I like that honestly because it reminds me that all of like if maintaining and going forward.  Balancing what is important, needed and wanted is something everyone struggles with but as I’ve been reading it is something that will always be there as a struggle.  I think keeping up appearances, working at making small adjustments and improvements is needed to be humble.   Being humble is asking for help and giving in return and baking a pie together with a community to enjoy.  Now in general this means not being too selfish but taking care of just what is needed so that life is easier over all.  

It will never be easy to do chores around the house but it is a needed thing to keep our mind, body, and spirit strong for ourselves and the future.  When we get lazy we lose our focus, our ability to do simple tasks, and our spirit will break.  

Be good to yourself and do your laundry!  The world may depend on it.


Dashing December


It is the last month in our year and it’s started so nicely.  My mother has given me the best holiday gift possible in life a clean and organized home.  She came up from Texas and while I was a work she was at home cleaning my kitchen, doing the dishes, mending clothing and washing laundry.  

My life is so blessed.  

Jenny my favorite and only sister visited me as well this past week and it was so much fun just talking and sharing tea with her company.  Her absence is felt much now and I wish I could be with her up in Alaska to play in the snow and have hot coco.  

Family will will always be a mixed experience but creates who you are and allows you to grow into something new.   

Laundry Day


That means so many things have to happen it is just amazing it gets done at all for anyone. For me what I am wish is that I could find a laundromat that had wifi and coffee that wasn’t out of a vending machine.

So currently I live in a basement where there is a semi working washer that I first wash and have to spin separately (grumble grumble) no dryer. The dryer is upstairs out the door onto a back porch that is filthy with dirt, dog hair, growing things and I hate it. Image

Each time I go out there I feel dirtier and yet that is where the dry is that I have to drag my wet clothing to. Often time there is leftover clothing in the dryer and for some reason on basket so I have to find one to put the clothes in from previous person and then I can check the lint trap and start my laundry. ImagePAIN, such a pain because of my knee troubles that cause me to lose breath with pain often while walking across the floor let alone stairs of which there are 3 sets repeatedly. So this is a painful process to me on laundry day while I live here and a large reason why I am looking for a place on ground floor.

Thankfully I do not have to pound out my laundry by hand on rocks.

Wish me luck and everyone else on “Laundry Day”


Agents of Chaos be warned I am in no mood


Work has finally found a bit of a rhythm and I am now forced to work on stuff at home… I hate this idea in the most profound way at the moment.  I am not in the mood to fold clothing and yet it sits there mocking me as the indiscreet devil it is.  I have not the patients for waking up early to drop by the Trimet office to get my Honored Citizens paperwork filed.  But these are things I must do in short order for if I do not the agents of chaos shall gain more ground on the battlefield that is my life.  So I shall sleep well and wake well, thus the monsters of tomorrow will fear me.