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Chia Pets have evolved


Chia inspired Refrigerator Jam
Pectin-free and no REFINED sugar just honey and baby you will love this!

Get out a blender or food pro and blitz the following and sub out what you like but just keep the amounts the same for the type of fruit.

1 + 1/3 cup strawberries/gooseberries/blueberries/raspberries or find your own fruit or berry you like – raw Oh dear GOD in Heaven please wash your fruit before blitzing these!
2/3 cup rhubarb – raw Yes rhubarb is sour but it is actually a traditional medicinal plant and it adds a good balance to the very sweet notes of the fruit.  You can adjust this a bit but please try the recipe as is and adjust once you start your own scientific process of adjustment for you and your family. 
2 T raw honey (or to taste) Just a note about local honey it is good and it supports a local flowers and fruit growers in the area.
2 T chia seeds From the humble chia pets of days gone past have now given us an amazing versatile food that can give us extra protein and thicken up our recipes.

Process all ingredients in a blender, pour into jars and refrigerate overnight.  Good idea to label with a date on these just for good housekeeping.  Chia seeds gel up when they are gotten wet so they are great way to thicken up many things including the fruit puree.  Also as you can see even if you are afraid of using a stove you can make this because there is no need to cook the fruit. I have a friend who is terrified of making even a grilled cheese sandwich so this is something even he can make.  Provided he cleans up after!

Anyway I found this original recipe and I have made my jam with raspberries and it was great and I was thinking I am going to try this again and see about making blackberry jam too like this.

Here have a stick!


Here have a stick!

“I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I’ve bought a big bat. I’m all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!” ~ Dr Seuss
This is not a new poster but I think it is a good one to keep around. Today I worked very hard to get downtown by bus and could have asked for a ride but I needed the challenge. I feel like I have been asking for help for a long time and I’ve been having trouble getting things solved. But life is hard and I’ve done really well working through things but I lost my job 6 months of struggling. The stress was so great at my work that I was having trouble keeping all my bills paid on time, not being able to cook for myself, clean my house, do my laundry. So that has caused so more trouble than I like right now.
I am actually happy now that I am not working because I am keeping busy with my garden and patching up the holes in my life. Currently I am navigating the unemployment insurance system and the SNAP program and more. It’s very interesting seeing the changes in the systems over the past 15 years since I last needed to use them.
Because I haven’t had the strength to keep up with my home and work therefore I am very happy that I can take care of my home now. It’s not easy still but at least I am not having the stress of work keeping me from making my home the place I want to be.

Tomorrow I am going to be taking photos of the garden again and I’ll be posting them soon after.
Love you all and be good!


Hope for the future

Some day I hope to be able to get my body and life healthier and this story made my cry for joy and sorrow for my own struggles.  Please read and be kind to a large every chance you get.  

Monday Madness: Fat butt


I am mad today because I am at home trying to make something healthy but all I can find I have the energy for is ramin but I added some tofu so that makes it better right?

Years ago a friend asked me why she never saw fat people outside ride a bike or jogging because it would be so healthy if they did that.  My reply was honest “People don’t like to see fat people working to make their lives better because fat is not healthy or pleasant to look at by most people. 

I have been fat since jr high because I got really depressed after moving from Hawaii to Washington state then jr high and high school just doomed me from wanting to be out in the world doing anything.  Here is the sad thing I love hiking, jogging, camping, rowing, and I love swimming and any number of outdoor healthy activities.  But I found that I couldn’t find folks that like the same unless they were very much healthier than me aka skinny and they didn’t want to be held back by a fatty.  So I got a job in a call center and that was in 1999 and I have almost exclusively worked in sit down, unhealthy, tedious jobs that promoted the growth of my clothing size.  I am now a 4X in womens and it sucks because nothing fits comfortably and I struggle with feeling positive about how I am dressed.  

Today I read a post from FaceBook that really got to me and I wanted to share it.  Also good luck everyone who like to be outside and being active and if you are in the area I would love to go for a walk with you. 


Beets and cooking


Beets are my favorite veggie to have in the kitchen for making meals.  Yeah they are healthy and crap like that but they are more than just good for ya they are super fun.  If you ever want a nice meal with a gothic twist then a nice red beet is the best.  

I like boiling up some small beets and throwing them in some white vinegar, sugar (small amount), and salt to pickle them.  I do the same for carrots and cabbage for like a day and then if I haven’t already chopped them up in the match sticks then I do that and it is the best salad I do for myself. When I am feeling like I need some more protein or to have a nice creamy item to off set the vinegary salad I will throw in some tofu. 

Tonight I wanted to make a black bean soup but I was needing some greens to go with it so I had some beet tops and I chopped those and added it too the soup and it made the liquid blood red.  It was so fun to eat along with being yummy and it’s the reason I am writing this.  

Beets go really good with anything you would have feta like in a greek salad I think and just have this nice blending quality but still retain their own flavor.  Beets play well with others with their flavor but if they are a red beet they will color everything crimson and for me that is fun. 

I must go because my cat had decided it is time to play but know that I love you all and that beets love you too.

The March begins


It is early in the morning technically but I haven’t slept yet.  I am up with a bad head cold that is making it hard to breath.  My writing has been taking a back seat to my world just not going as planned but I am getting things sorted so that I can come back to writing more.  My hope is that I can write full time and also be a functional member of society in a few years but baby steps are needed always.  I was talking to Moxie my kitty and I asked her if she wanted to go camping this summer but she was too interested in the birds outside to give me an answer.  

I must report to everyone that I have been getting better with walking because a friend at work turned me onto Salonpas and I have since been able to walk more without my cane. The other thing that is helping me is Bromelain an extract from Pineapple stems and this also something my friend gave to me.  I can’t even describe to you the difference it is making in my life but tonight I cleaned my home and I honestly haven’t been able to do that in a month.  I did dishes, laundry and picked up the rubbish that was mocking me on the floor that has been shaming me for weeks. My place is not completely clean yet but it looks better than it has in weeks and being I have a small place it makes a big difference.  

I will be writing some more soon now that I am feeling better and digging myself out of my pit.  Thank you so very much for all of your wonderful clicks and views.

Oh in other news my Kitten Moxie has started playing fetch with me and she is doing well with her leash training.  No I am not training her to be a dog I am enjoying a close and active bond with my cat and these things will help her and me stay healthy.  That is why I call her my workout partner!

Moxie Visits the Kitty Doctor


Yesterday was a big adventure day for Moxie and I as we started out.  First we played then we cuddled and then we needed to be productive people.   Also the fish Flippant was being a butt and saying crap about how we are so lazy so we put an end to that.  We had a free vet visit check up so I called around and found a nice vet office in town that had a cancellation so we could get in today!  So I went out and did some grocery shopping and stopped by the bank to pick up some cash for the vet visit.  I got home and played on the internet because that is what you do but I also took some pic of Moxie.

“Hey Moxie pose for the camera!”



“Okay would you please smile?”



Okay I guess that will have to do.  

Anyway we went to the vet in her stroller and she handle that very well no crying or fuss.  We arrived early for the kitty doctor so we hung out a bit and chatted with the staff.  Sorry no pics from that adventure.  But we finally got to see the doctor and he was nice and I know now that Moxie weighs in at 6.8 lbs.  so confirmed we just have a tiny cat on our hands.  She is still suffering from a cold but she is doing fine with that.  The doc was happy that we were leash training and that it was going well then she did get a shot before we left and she handled that well.  All told she was great if not scared by the situation but she did not hate on me or the carrier when we got home.  This morning she was playing in her carrier and we had much fun.

I hope everyone has a great day.

Simple Chemical Solutions


Don’t like chemical hair removal crap like Nair and not a fan of shaving or waxing?


Sorry I really hate the smell of Nair but I have used it and it irritated my skin and I have done waxing and it wasn’t fun and then shaving is tedious for me and does nothing for the health of my skin.  (Actually since I had my cancer treatment a few years back it left me with very sensitive skin so I don’t shave anymore.)   I was thinking of the simple chemicals that are used in homemade beauty products and did some searching for an option for hair removal.

  • Homemade Hair removal that isn’t terrible!
  • 1 tbsp of iodine 2%
  • 1 cup of baby oil.
  • Rub your hairy area with the mixture and let set for only 5 minutes.
  • Then gently wipe away with a damp cloth.
  • Viola!!!! NO MORE HAIR!

SO hooray for home use of science and that is really what DIY is homemade science solutions.   I have a book that is a collection of homemade simple items that make the cost of home lower.  

She’s got Moxie!


Okay so after discussing with my new cat we decided we did not like the name that was given to her or rather it just didn’t feel like her name.  Mostly my fish Flippant was being a jerk and said it was a dumb name but what can you expect he is a fish and between you and me I think he is jealous. 

So after much conversation and walks we decided she had Moxie and therefor that would be her name.  

My delightful new partner in crime is named Moxie!

I have to say that years ago when I was first diagnosed with Cancer I adopted two cats a brother and sister from the humane society.  They were there in my life for one thing as therapy animals and I needed all of the comfort I could while going through my treatments.  I would often say, “The cuteness of kittens cures cancer!”  Buttons and Bows helped me through the most difficult time of my life but because they were senior kitties they passed a few years ago and I have been without since.  I knew I needed the comfort a cat in my life and while I do love dogs as well cats have always brought me more comfort with less effort.  On Saturday I drove around to 3 places looking for a cat that I connected with and then I found her.  She now sleeps at the foot of my bed and snuggles with my hand when I am reading and we are going great together. 

I still say “the cuteness of kittens cures cancer!”


Apples why? Why would you hate me?


Since I was a kid apples have been my favorite fruit and to this day they are my go to fruit of choice.  A few years ago someone had told me that apples cause diarrhea and I honestly didn’t believe it. My apple my perfect fruit of choice could not ever cause harm to anyone or be uncomfortable.  When I was a child I would climb up apple trees or play Hide-N-Seek in orchards so they were perfect.


I went home sick today from work because I couldn’t stay out of the bathroom and I just feeling awful.  As I tried and tried to get through my work but I finally went to my boss and told her I need to go home before I spent the rest of the day in the restroom.  I came home and just tried to relax and drank much water.  Finally I decided to look up my issue online and it was apples…. APPLES!?!?

Yes apples and my heart is just dying a bit because of this betrayal. I am going to try and find solutions to this and find ways to limit my apple intake to not cause this again.

Thank goodness I can still have some apples because they are wonderful but I now know they are a sneaky mistress.  But there are many other fruit in the world I just have to make sure I do my research before I juice.