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Some Walking


This past week I was sick but I was also moving around a great deal more than I have been in a while. My surgery site looks like I skinned my knee and it healing very well and I so very happy to be able to move more.  My kitten and I have been playing on the floor together as stretch out so she is keeping up her end of the deal for moving in by helping me keep up with my workouts.  Tomorrow I am going to be grabbing her stroller and taking a walk and see how she like walking around the parking lot.  If she is cool with that then next week we might walk around the block.  She is still playing fetch and it is very fun!


The March begins


It is early in the morning technically but I haven’t slept yet.  I am up with a bad head cold that is making it hard to breath.  My writing has been taking a back seat to my world just not going as planned but I am getting things sorted so that I can come back to writing more.  My hope is that I can write full time and also be a functional member of society in a few years but baby steps are needed always.  I was talking to Moxie my kitty and I asked her if she wanted to go camping this summer but she was too interested in the birds outside to give me an answer.  

I must report to everyone that I have been getting better with walking because a friend at work turned me onto Salonpas and I have since been able to walk more without my cane. The other thing that is helping me is Bromelain an extract from Pineapple stems and this also something my friend gave to me.  I can’t even describe to you the difference it is making in my life but tonight I cleaned my home and I honestly haven’t been able to do that in a month.  I did dishes, laundry and picked up the rubbish that was mocking me on the floor that has been shaming me for weeks. My place is not completely clean yet but it looks better than it has in weeks and being I have a small place it makes a big difference.  

I will be writing some more soon now that I am feeling better and digging myself out of my pit.  Thank you so very much for all of your wonderful clicks and views.

Oh in other news my Kitten Moxie has started playing fetch with me and she is doing well with her leash training.  No I am not training her to be a dog I am enjoying a close and active bond with my cat and these things will help her and me stay healthy.  That is why I call her my workout partner!

Finally Juice


So I got home and I worked online for a bit and I realized I it was getting late and I hadn’t gotten my juice in today because of the disaster this morning… there is still green on one of my walls and I will have to get that off tomorrow because right now I just don’t have the energy.  I decided to just to a simple Orange and Apple juice and I am sipping that smiling as if sunshine is in my belly. I am glad I finally started Juicing and I wish I could have started earlier but it’s never too late.  It’s nice that I was gifted a Juicer years ago but prior to juicing I was blending up smoothies with berries, soy milk, and sometimes honey if it was lacking in sweet.  

But I am feeling really good now so I think I might just go over and clean off the green from the wall.  Oh I have learned a trick with cleaning the mesh filter in my juicer and that is to soak it with a bit of comet when I wash off everything else and then I scrub it out with a tooth brush to get the fibers out of the mesh.  Anyway tomorrow I will not likely be posting anything because I have a long day but I will be posting later in the week.

Wake up Juice


In the past few days I have been juicing and I have found my energy increase in fact usually on my day off I have a nap half way through the day because of my lack of energy.  It was really nice being able to get more done on my days off.  Today I am doing 1 Orange, 2 apples, and 3 leaves of Kale.   I am really liking the citrus in the juice and it makes the whole juice blended together smoother. 

I hope everyone has a juice day!

Juicy girl


Hey everyone I am testing out different combos of veggies and fruits to find something good to drink.  I just pressed 2 apples, one lemon, and about 4 leaves of collard greens.  It’s good but I needed add a teaspoon of cane sugar for my likes.  I normally do not need to add much sugar to anything but this just needed something.  I need to pick up some ginger to continue playing with my juicer.  


Wellness Muse

Hey everyone I have been updating all of the pages of my blog but I wanted to share this page.  I would like feedback on what else I can put here.  Also thanks so much for reading.

Home Sick with Migraine


I am home today with a migraine and I am angry about that because I have work that needed to be done at work today. Yesterday I was losing my focus and my head began to spin in the afternoon and I worked hard at keeping on task but it was hard.  This morning I began getting ready and my head was just cooperating demanding there be no light and each step of making breakfast was frot with forgotten steps.  I realized I would not be able to safe to drive and when I got to work I would be fighting for focus.  So it was calling in to the absentee line for me to make sure I could take care of my pained brain. 

How to Exercise Your Human


Apparently I need to get a Purrsonal trainer to get in shape. Thank goodness for cats and dogs everywhere helping us humans get healthy enough to take care of them.

Taking your human for a walk


This video is beautiful and reminds me of how much kittens are important for laughter in your life. Please enjoy!

The long way


Taking a moment from the script of “The girl in the Fireplace” and episode of Dr Who when the character of Madame De Pompadour speaks about living life is taking the long way unlike the time traveler hero who can short cut to the fun and interesting bits.  I like the long way it allows me to connect to myself and the stories of things around me.  In this way I like morning because there are so many stories just ending and beginning as the the sun quietly moves into a new day.

Last night I watched one of my favorite stories Jane Eyre and I was transformed by the slow tale of brilliant passion, uncommon consciousness, of brittle and delicate lives.  The slow long drawn out saga would not have the same impact shorten to 140 characters of a twitter post.  

This past few weeks I have been nursing a nearly dead shamrock plant that I had to cut back to only a few leaves.  It was my hope that if I cut out all of the blight that it could grow back strong and healthy but I would have to wait to see if anything would grow back.  The shamrock began pushing up new leaves within a few days and kept up fast pace of recovery that was shocking.  This “fast” recovery was still slow but it felt good and right to wait and care for the plant so for the opportunity to watch it grow back to health.  Image

Healing, learning, knowing, take a long time and yet it can feel like in the blink of an eye when we become engrossed in the process.   I think that when we get closer to learning, receiving wisdom, and healing time seems to have a different quality.  

I think we get closer to touching eternity a moment of enlightenment when time could be described as standing still.

Of course this is just a strange thought that I wanted to share about taking the long way and how all of life is taking the long way.