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Sunny Thursday

Hey so I have not been posting or writing because I have been looking for a new job and working through my current one like I am on eggshells.  I have been gardening… like everyday and it’s been really fun.  Anyway the is a link to an amazing project that I have thought this should be our future for years.  It’s called Solar Roadways and it seems to be focused on everything I like… the future, solar energy, recycling, modular, sustainable, nerdy science stuff, and TRON!  

Please take a bit of time and look through the site and drool if you want or jump up and down or giggle maniacally … not that I did any of those things… Please enjoy.

Library Love


Not everyone has their first library card but I do it is green and from the Hawaii Library system and my guess is that the library number is still valid but I would need to update it if I ever moved back there.  I don’t  know what my life would be like without growing up going to the libraries in my local town.  Being that I grew up in flux moving every few years as per the life of a military brat the local library was always a place that felt familiar. 

People talk about local and sustainability and honestly I think that the library may be the heart of what that might actually mean.  People live their lives around going to the library in their community.  Libraries were there before the internet and in fact it was research and long nights of studies in a library that led to the creation of the inter connected online world.  Where past, present and future live are in content housed in local libraries across the world. 

For a while now I have been visiting my local libraries checking out movies, books, ebooks, audio books, and getting re acquainted with hospitality of these places of learning, entertaining, and community.  It truly amazes me the generous offerings of the libraries of the world in fact my local library has cultural passes to local places like the zoo, Japaneses garden, Chinese garden, more.  There are also employment workshops and free events all of the time that just make me want to jump up and down for joy. There is a new offering that connects my local library to others in the state called Library2Go where you can download content such as ebooks, audio books, and music.

Honestly this article is just a way of saying thank you to all offerings at my local library and to encourage others to be part of the local scene and visit a local library.  You will find more than expected likely and you might just walk away with a few good stories. 

Gifts for the future


In the holiday season we get gifts and often it’s thought that these are just cuz it is the thing to do and it is. It is because the gifts are meant often for you to start a new year with inspiration and excitement for what we want to do next.  It also gives a happy close to the previous new year so that we can have good memories to fall back on when the next year seems like it is too much of a struggle.

While we don’t think of it often what we do each day builds to what tomorrow is. For the gifts I received this year a new place to  live, closeness with my family, and encouragement for my writing, my health, and my cooking.  

Keep up apprences


My studio apartment is wonderful and more than just cozy it is productive, inspiring, and relaxing.  Now with everything in life maintenance is required like laundry, picking up things that get used during a week and sweeping the floors finally.  I find my biggest issue with keeping my place looking nice is my kitchen because it is so small everything looks like a mess if it is not picked up.  Currently everything in my place needs a little picking up but I like that honestly because it reminds me that all of like if maintaining and going forward.  Balancing what is important, needed and wanted is something everyone struggles with but as I’ve been reading it is something that will always be there as a struggle.  I think keeping up appearances, working at making small adjustments and improvements is needed to be humble.   Being humble is asking for help and giving in return and baking a pie together with a community to enjoy.  Now in general this means not being too selfish but taking care of just what is needed so that life is easier over all.  

It will never be easy to do chores around the house but it is a needed thing to keep our mind, body, and spirit strong for ourselves and the future.  When we get lazy we lose our focus, our ability to do simple tasks, and our spirit will break.  

Be good to yourself and do your laundry!  The world may depend on it.

Crazy internet fish programer… seriously


I like this guy he is really into his programing and the future.

Building a future


I have been researching building my own home for a while now. For me I feel like the large home is too much space and is wasted. I actually have the largest room in the house for sleeping but I don’t use the space well. This is a project I am seriously think of taking on for myself. If I did this I would still want to be part of a community and not just on my lonesome.
Anyway this is a nice video I feel and I wanted to share it with my friends and readers.
Good luck and have a great day.