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Sympathy is not Empathy


This video touched me and finally described the difference between Sympathy and Empathy that I understood. It explains why when I tell my problems to some folks I feel worse and to others I don’t feel as heavy. Because the connection between me and the person I am telling lifts the “I am so alone” feeling out of my heart just a bit.
Empathy from the people I met at the church now attend is the reason I have started to know peace in my life.
This man from Nazareth the slum of the ancient arab world who was a born of the dirty cousin of King David totally empathise with me. People don’t talk the way he did and mean it usually. There is no way I or anyone deserves a friend like the way he a friend to everyone. This may sound strange but sometimes I think of him the same way I think of Dr Who because of how much they both love humanity even with all of it’s flaws. Both work really hard and in strange confusing ways and achieve the unexpected and needed.

So my friends I don’t know what your pain is but I see that it’s there and I am just glad you share a few moments on this blog and we can connect. Thank you for reading and I am always happy when I have written something that finds a connection with others.
Please have an amazing day!

The long way


Taking a moment from the script of “The girl in the Fireplace” and episode of Dr Who when the character of Madame De Pompadour speaks about living life is taking the long way unlike the time traveler hero who can short cut to the fun and interesting bits.  I like the long way it allows me to connect to myself and the stories of things around me.  In this way I like morning because there are so many stories just ending and beginning as the the sun quietly moves into a new day.

Last night I watched one of my favorite stories Jane Eyre and I was transformed by the slow tale of brilliant passion, uncommon consciousness, of brittle and delicate lives.  The slow long drawn out saga would not have the same impact shorten to 140 characters of a twitter post.  

This past few weeks I have been nursing a nearly dead shamrock plant that I had to cut back to only a few leaves.  It was my hope that if I cut out all of the blight that it could grow back strong and healthy but I would have to wait to see if anything would grow back.  The shamrock began pushing up new leaves within a few days and kept up fast pace of recovery that was shocking.  This “fast” recovery was still slow but it felt good and right to wait and care for the plant so for the opportunity to watch it grow back to health.  Image

Healing, learning, knowing, take a long time and yet it can feel like in the blink of an eye when we become engrossed in the process.   I think that when we get closer to learning, receiving wisdom, and healing time seems to have a different quality.  

I think we get closer to touching eternity a moment of enlightenment when time could be described as standing still.

Of course this is just a strange thought that I wanted to share about taking the long way and how all of life is taking the long way.  

The Silence


The Silence

Okay fellow Whovians get your sharpies and start marking off how many whovians you can find among the world out there.
So come along Ponds and tally up your fellow whovians and just like with the weeping angels be vigilant.


Mohs Scale of Hardness

Above…(Ooops) Below you will see a link to a wonderful video and the host describes things in relation to the Mohs Scale of Hardness.  I wanted to share this link because sharing science stuff is cool…. just like bow ties are cool.