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Apples why? Why would you hate me?


Since I was a kid apples have been my favorite fruit and to this day they are my go to fruit of choice.  A few years ago someone had told me that apples cause diarrhea and I honestly didn’t believe it. My apple my perfect fruit of choice could not ever cause harm to anyone or be uncomfortable.  When I was a child I would climb up apple trees or play Hide-N-Seek in orchards so they were perfect.


I went home sick today from work because I couldn’t stay out of the bathroom and I just feeling awful.  As I tried and tried to get through my work but I finally went to my boss and told her I need to go home before I spent the rest of the day in the restroom.  I came home and just tried to relax and drank much water.  Finally I decided to look up my issue online and it was apples…. APPLES!?!?

Yes apples and my heart is just dying a bit because of this betrayal. I am going to try and find solutions to this and find ways to limit my apple intake to not cause this again.

Thank goodness I can still have some apples because they are wonderful but I now know they are a sneaky mistress.  But there are many other fruit in the world I just have to make sure I do my research before I juice.


Strange hope


If today had gone differently I might have not come back home so happy but I was able to get some help with a major problem today.  I know have some new medication and a song in my heart. Anyway I am lacking some energy like normal so I am going to take a nap and likely wake up in a few hours to start working again on projects. 

Friday the 13th….


I can’t say I am surprised that I could not sleep Friday the 13th but not for the usually strange luck sort of day events I had some test done once again at another hospital. The awake time I logged was from 10:30am on 9/12 until 1:30pm 9/13 so 27 hours of no sleep. Oh yes I crashed hard on to my bed only to be woken up at 2:30pm to make an appointment with yet another doctor.

Week 2 of being on disability leave is mostly done at this point and I have gotten so much more done this week than last and I am feeling coherent. I have to write a few more articles and make some choices about what is going to happen next week to finish off this week. I am trying not to put too much on my plate each week so that I can actually get thing done and I am feeling like it is working.


Good luck for everyone wrapping up their weeks work and cheers to everyone making plans for the future like me.

“May the odds be ever in your favor.”

Moving stress


Everyone knows how hard it is to move everything you own and go to a new place to live but it is what we do from time to time.  On Sunday I worked myself so hard cleaning up the last bit of my stuff for moving and I was then not able to move or get out of bed on Monday.  Thank goodness I wasn’t needed at work that day but I am behind in moving and that is a problem. Often when you are moving problems come up and it is difficult getting things settled because your world in in boxes.  

This post is mostly to express how stressed I am while doing this move and I will post more details later. For now I have to get on the road to take care of getting to a doctors appointment. Good luck everyone and I will write more again soon. 

Wow gap in posts


I have been every busy and such but I shouldn’t ignore my blog.  Things have been more than just a bit stressful and I am not talking Mario Brothers here. There is this wall and it appears I have hit it at the full force of me trying to hold my life together amid the chacos.  Today I was overcome by anxiety and I had to go visit my doctor who has put me on bed rest for the week.  Sure it’s a few days away from “working” but it has seemed that work has been the most sane part of my world.

My doctor asked me if I felt like hurting myself and I laughed because it just seems so absurd to me because I am fighting so hard to live.   But they need to ask questions about that to make sure and while I feel like giving up occasionally the end is not what I seek.  I want a garden and chickens, and a home where I can paint the walls any color I want.  I crave the earth under my feet and the sun above me and the rain that washes me and the wind that lifts me up.  Conversations with friends and smiles on faces and the sharing of pie.

Thanks for reading my ramblings and I value your thoughts and well wishing.   If you wish to help me with the missing happy I totally love plants and flowers for in my garden.  My wish is to get some pots and plants some lettuces and some basil.