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Beautiful day outside


There are so many beautiful things going on outside and it inspired me of thing that make my heart to glow so here is sampling of what I found.

http://www.wimp.com/starflashmob/   <<—–This one made me cry for joy

http://themetapicture.com/steampunk-laptop/ < I so want to do this with one of my 3 laptops!

http://www.wimp.com/greatdad/ <<< —This was just darn cute

Beethoven just steals the show always this one just made my heart leap out of my chest for Joy!

Hallelujah for singing   << I imagine do random acts of music and joy in groups is catching on or something.  I dearly hope so…

Sound of Music anyone?


Garden Dreams


Yup it’s the last week in January and all I can think about having a real garden to plant in this year.  We are going to have drought conditions in most places and strange wildfires in California and Oregon currently.  There are other things trying to distract me like the Syrian conflict, shootings in the U.S., the Winter Olympics but with all of the problems out there I just want to grow something.  

I was asking my friend about her gardening plans and she let me know about another friend who was looking to split some seeds and order through the same company.  She also said that another person was wanting to do a Start exchange.  So of course I went crazy and created a spreadsheet in about an hour and copied and pasted planting and seeds for the right month and dreaming up this great network.

After taking a few bits to the grinding stone with the input of some folks my spreadsheet was done.  I think my crazy was a bit too much but I am just so excited about having a garden this year and not just pots.  My hope is that I can just get a few things to grow and that I can harvest a 3rd of what I can put in the ground.  

Good luck everyone and never let anyone tamp down your excited feelings about gardening if you do it will never grow. 

How to Exercise Your Human


Apparently I need to get a Purrsonal trainer to get in shape. Thank goodness for cats and dogs everywhere helping us humans get healthy enough to take care of them.


Get Creative Folks

I am not sure if I have shared photos of my desk at work but I have origami,  cooking magazines, plants, self painted piggy banks, comics, wall art and more.  My co workers have said that I have the most creative and fun desk in the dept.  Most of my day in between helping folks on the phone save their financial bacon I am drawing, writing, embellishing my stuff with sharpies.  For a long time now I have been pushing more and more creative projects onto my plate.  Honestly I am not sure how others manage to not busy themselves with creative little projects through the day.  

But if you do struggle with finding more time to get  your creative bug out to terrorize the world with your art then I suggest looking at this link and site. 

Crafty easy fun


Super sexy right?



Well I found this great DYI on making your own and I think this would be great idea for some other clothing.



Lookie, lookie sexy.


Hooray for Monday


So Monday happened again and it was strange but good. I am hatching a plan I think… there is a part of my brain that is like a 7 year old plotting on doing something but wants to keep it a secret.  I will play along until that part of my brain is ready to share what it is doing and give it praise for being so creative.  Then I will have to look at it with my adult eyes and decided if I can polish up the adorable insane thing my inner 7 year old has come up with.