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Lost Monday


I have lost my cable for my camera for my garden and that makes me sad because my garden is doing really well.  Moxie is thinking I am just messy and I should clean my house and I would find it.  I told her she should start and show me how and her response was to roll over and tempt me with rubbing her belly.  That is why I can never get things done.. there is always a belly that needs to be rubbed. 

But I should get to finding that cable so that means today will be busy with the cleaning and organizing.. but it is so pretty outside and there is the cat too.  I don’t hold out much hope for me to get much done but I will do my best.  

Oh I applied for a job at OMSI the Science Museum here in Oregon and while I will likely not get it but it would be fun to be in a job where I can nerd out. 


Succotash Sunday


Okay so it’s a cold day almost everywhere in the norther hemisphere and just because it is Sunday does not mean the weather is going to rest and give us a break.  I am getting ready for my surgery tomorrow by cleaning and cooking but I am worried that I just won’t be ready.  There is also some running around I need todo to pick up stuff from the library, the pharmacy and like there is more I am forgetting.  

I am very excited to have my surgery and moving toward getting my knee repaired so that I can go on more walks and possibly some hiking this year.  Just yesterday while at work I found this group via Meet ups for people in the local area that enjoy hiking I am looking forward to joining them later this year.  

In the future we shall all be hungry for more.

Keep up apprences


My studio apartment is wonderful and more than just cozy it is productive, inspiring, and relaxing.  Now with everything in life maintenance is required like laundry, picking up things that get used during a week and sweeping the floors finally.  I find my biggest issue with keeping my place looking nice is my kitchen because it is so small everything looks like a mess if it is not picked up.  Currently everything in my place needs a little picking up but I like that honestly because it reminds me that all of like if maintaining and going forward.  Balancing what is important, needed and wanted is something everyone struggles with but as I’ve been reading it is something that will always be there as a struggle.  I think keeping up appearances, working at making small adjustments and improvements is needed to be humble.   Being humble is asking for help and giving in return and baking a pie together with a community to enjoy.  Now in general this means not being too selfish but taking care of just what is needed so that life is easier over all.  

It will never be easy to do chores around the house but it is a needed thing to keep our mind, body, and spirit strong for ourselves and the future.  When we get lazy we lose our focus, our ability to do simple tasks, and our spirit will break.  

Be good to yourself and do your laundry!  The world may depend on it.

Dashing December


It is the last month in our year and it’s started so nicely.  My mother has given me the best holiday gift possible in life a clean and organized home.  She came up from Texas and while I was a work she was at home cleaning my kitchen, doing the dishes, mending clothing and washing laundry.  

My life is so blessed.  

Jenny my favorite and only sister visited me as well this past week and it was so much fun just talking and sharing tea with her company.  Her absence is felt much now and I wish I could be with her up in Alaska to play in the snow and have hot coco.  

Family will will always be a mixed experience but creates who you are and allows you to grow into something new.   

Soapy Goodness




Castile is a type of soap made from 100% plant oils and includes no animal products like tallow. It is also a “true soap” and not simply a chemical detergent like many products we buy in the stores. Being that this is a true soap it is completely biodegradable and Earth-friendly.

This is a list that you can find on the bottle of this fun soap and it is cost effective for people too.

1. Shampoo: Use castile soap as a stand-in for a harsh detergent-based shampoo. Give your head a break! Just mix castile soap with water at a ratio of 1:3.

2. Laundry Detergent: You can make your own laundry detergent with simple, common ingredients. Save tons money and do the environment a friendly favor. It’s a win-win!

3. Tub Scrub: Make a tile or toilet “soft scrub” out of baking soda and castile soap. Simply fill a spray bottle with a dilution of 1:3 castile to water. Sprinkling the area you wish to clean with a liberal dusting of baking soda, then spray the castile solution over the top. Scour with a sponge or scrub brush and watch the stains disappear. This also works great on crusty stovetops!

4. Mopping Solution: Use 2 or 3 tablespoons of castile soap in a full bucket of water, and mop mop mop your floors to a sparkly new luster.

5. Dish Soap: Make a dishwashing soap (for hand washing) or a liquid hand soap (for washing hands) by simply mixing a 1:1 ratio of castile to water.

6. Dishwasher Detergent: Make a fancier DIY liquid dishwasher detergent that’s inexpensive and eco-friendly.

7. Soap Dispenser Refill: You can refill your foaming hand soap dispenser with 1 part castile soap to 4 parts water.

8. Body Wash: You can use castile soap as a gentle yet efficient bath soap/body wash. They actually sell castile bar soap, but if you want to use the liquid just dilute it in a 2:1 ratio of castile to water.

9. Dog Shampoo: What’s good enough for you is even better for your pet! Use the same ratio listed above for an awesome DIY doggie shampoo.

10. Toothpaste: You can actually use castile soap in place of your toothpaste, and pure soap is much better for your teeth than the nasty chemicals they put in most commercial pastes. Just add a few drops directly to your wet brush. It works wonders, although the flavor can take some getting used to!

11. Veggie Wash: Make a simple veggie wash for cleansing all your produce. Add 1 tablespoon castile soap to 2 cups of water, and keep the mixture in a squirt bottle near the kitchen sink.

12. Carpet Cleaner: Finally, you can make an effective carpet cleaner by mixing 1/4 cup castile into 1 cup water. Place the solution in the blender and let it fly until it forms a stiff foam. Apply as you would any other carpet cleaning product.