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Chemical Chocolate


Chemical Chocolate

I am in love with knowing too much I feel but I did want to share this bit of info I found. Chocolate is such a wonderful thing and I think people might just need it in their life.


Periodicly Chocolate…


Periodicly Chocolate...

So Chemistry is fun and food has always been chemical exploration of taste and creativity. This chocolate bar totally understands me.

Chocolate Science!


So NPR posted this on facebook and I just needed to share it here. First I love Chocolate and Science so this story is a win win!

Chocolate fest fall out


I got some really awesome chocolate granola and then some stuff that wasn’t chocolate balsamic vinegar’s.   Today is really hard for me because I am feeling dizzy and like I will be falling down at any moment.  So I did not make it out for the second day of the chocolate fest but I plan on going tomorrow provided that I am feeling like I will not fall over.  So for now it is coffee time and enjoying an evening with my friends.

Hooray for Friday


I love Friday and I am not alone in this feeling because let’s face it we have many cultural references to Friday; it’s a bit crazy. For me Friday’s are awesome because of Science Friday on NPR always but today is the Chocolate Festival kick off.  It is time for me to head to work my friends but I hope to see you after at the chocolate festival.

Opening Night Premiere Party ~ Friday, January 18
6:00 – 9:30pm
21 and older only

Oregon Convention Center, Exhibit Hall A
777 NE MLK, Jr. Blvd.
Portland, OR 97232

Chocolate Fest start tomorrow!


I have been telling you about this thing with chocolate and chocolate and the going for more than a week now… so are you going?