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Bunny Show


Oh so much fun, cuteness, and agility.

Soggy Snow


Today I was able to get out of my apartment and it was so soggy getting down the plowed road but it was also fun.  When I am stuck at home I always have my radio tuned to OPB my local public radio station and while the news reports get old it is still nice to get some of the nice programs.  I like being home and listening to all of the shows and then to turn off the radio and enjoy the quiet of the snowy days we’ve had. Just outside of my door I was able to spy the poor birds trying to find food and warmth and I made me want to have some seeds to throw out for them.  I was thinking just a few weeks ago that I was going to dig up and turn over the soil for my garden and I am glad I did not.  But I am eager for the rain to wash away the snow even if I did like it I want to enjoy the rain of spring so that I can be able to plant by March and April.  

Planting a garden this year is going to be my main project for the year I think but I am also going to be working with a friend to build a pair of beehives with a friend.  The other project is I am going to be helping a friend set up a chicken coop in his side yard.  It may seem like a bit to take on but mostly I am going to be working on the gardening I am actually just helping with the other projects.  By helping I mean doing the research and find the materials at a good prices so that it wont break the budget. Honestly it is really a way for me to put together spreed sheets that I love and then to get some experience with two things I want to do later on when I have my own place.

So I love my alone time and time with friends but mostly I love projects and getting inspired.  I hope that everyone finds something to be inspired by today. 

Beautiful day outside


There are so many beautiful things going on outside and it inspired me of thing that make my heart to glow so here is sampling of what I found.

http://www.wimp.com/starflashmob/   <<—–This one made me cry for joy

http://themetapicture.com/steampunk-laptop/ < I so want to do this with one of my 3 laptops!

http://www.wimp.com/greatdad/ <<< —This was just darn cute

Beethoven just steals the show always this one just made my heart leap out of my chest for Joy!

Hallelujah for singing   << I imagine do random acts of music and joy in groups is catching on or something.  I dearly hope so…

Sound of Music anyone?


Wake up Juice


In the past few days I have been juicing and I have found my energy increase in fact usually on my day off I have a nap half way through the day because of my lack of energy.  It was really nice being able to get more done on my days off.  Today I am doing 1 Orange, 2 apples, and 3 leaves of Kale.   I am really liking the citrus in the juice and it makes the whole juice blended together smoother. 

I hope everyone has a juice day!


Wellness Muse

Hey everyone I have been updating all of the pages of my blog but I wanted to share this page.  I would like feedback on what else I can put here.  Also thanks so much for reading.

Prima Ballerina = Hard core cut throat performance art


Prima Ballerina = Hard core cut throat performance art

I have known ballerina’s and they are brutal to their bodies and when I found this article and then this beautiful photo I really wanted to share it. The truth is that anyone who dedicates their mind, body, and spirit to something will be an unstoppable force. So be mindful of the ballerina because I have never known any of them without the spirit and will to kick your butt if you give them crap.

How to Exercise Your Human


Apparently I need to get a Purrsonal trainer to get in shape. Thank goodness for cats and dogs everywhere helping us humans get healthy enough to take care of them.

New Life


I have taken a huge step to heal myself and I am not yet sure about what will happen to my world.  Last Friday was my last day of work for a while and it maybe the last time I work for a long time.  I feel odd not going to work today infact I am watching my clock and would normally start work in 20 mins.  

My plans for the first week are to review my current possessions and donate them or sell them via CraigsList.   I am am also doing all of my paperwork this week so that I don’t have any delays.  

The next week will be finding a new place to live because my current place is too expensive for being on disability.  I am excited and scare about this so that will be fun and difficult working through.  

Walking into a new life is a challenge that is met in surprising ways and I am hoping that it will be good surprises. 

Walking some more


I began my walking of 5Ks to help myself be motivated to put myself mind, body and soul into a space where I could be part of the world in a better way.  My first 5K was only accomplished by my friends Lisa and Megan from work sticking with me the whole way.  During the shamrock run I was alone and it was hard to keep on keeping on.  I honestly had no one there and I wasn’t aware of how much I needed the emotional support of someone there keeping me motivated.  But I people in the events that support me while I am there and I realized why.  The challenge is emotional and an exercise in facing obstacles right in front of you.

When people see me at the events they are filled with pride that I have taken up the challenge that they did and they connect with me.  I am not alone when I walk or train I am one of thousands and that makes what I do matter.  Walking is as much of a challenge as fighting cancer because in many ways it is the same fight.  I know that the Boston Marathon bombings happened on Monday but today I began to cry because I understood and connected with it.

When I walk it is about getting to the end but what happens on the journey hurts and rips away at the things holding me back and changes me every step of the way.  I feel pride, lost, embarrassment, determination, joy, pain, happy, and sometimes lonely other times awkward and I always feel fear of not making it to the finish line.  It is unlikely I will ever get to participate in a marathon but I am hoping that I will continue to meet the challenges I set for myself.

Thank you so much for all of the support everyone has given me and I am hoping you will continue because I need it.



Okay my internet friends I am challenging everyone to keep to their new years resolutions because I can damn it!  I have made and taken my lunch to work each day this year and while it is only day 3 I honestly believe it is important to stay focused and excited.  Important because it allows you to accomplish more than you think you can.  So I am going out walking tonight as a challenge to my mother and it is crazy cold outside but it is not currently raining so I am going to head out now.  

So if you have a resolution that you have made then do something about it tonight or tomorrow.  Just remember science says that to create a new habit or break one you have to commit at minimum 2 weeks of work to set it in your mind.