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Home Sick with Migraine


I am home today with a migraine and I am angry about that because I have work that needed to be done at work today. Yesterday I was losing my focus and my head began to spin in the afternoon and I worked hard at keeping on task but it was hard.  This morning I began getting ready and my head was just cooperating demanding there be no light and each step of making breakfast was frot with forgotten steps.  I realized I would not be able to safe to drive and when I got to work I would be fighting for focus.  So it was calling in to the absentee line for me to make sure I could take care of my pained brain. 

Work work work


I seem to do as much work away from my job as I do when I am at home.  This a common story told but like is about working to make it work.  Anyway tomorrow I return to work after being off for my knee surgery to repair my torn meniscus.  Sadly I am up because my brain will not turn the toggle switch to off. So I’ve gotten back up and did some update to the pages on my blog and I hope you will check them out.  The plan is to keep improving my blog site here and I am planning on creating a recipe page for cool things I have tried or am planning on trying.  Other plans include a section page dedicated to fun projects I am working on like building a beehive and growing some fun stuff in my garden space.

I am going to try and get back to bed now that I have gotten some ideas out and on the page of my blog.  Thanks for putting up with my midnight musings.

Myth of Multitasking


I don’t believe in the idea of multitasking regardless of how much I hear people explain that they can do it.  I don’t believe in this because by observation I only ever see people constantly distracted.  Now I do believe that people are comfortable being distracted but I don’t believe they are multitasking.  Like computers we run some basic things in the background of everything we do but this is not the same as multitasking but paging through a volume of books in your mind.  

Tomorrow in NPR they are going to be hosting a discussion on this topic so here is the link regarding it.  


Hooray for Monday


So Monday happened again and it was strange but good. I am hatching a plan I think… there is a part of my brain that is like a 7 year old plotting on doing something but wants to keep it a secret.  I will play along until that part of my brain is ready to share what it is doing and give it praise for being so creative.  Then I will have to look at it with my adult eyes and decided if I can polish up the adorable insane thing my inner 7 year old has come up with.