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Love your Cephalopod


Love your Cephalopod

I have made pancakes before and other wonderful breakfast food but this makes me want to play with my food more! This is why I love cooking so much.. Food + Science + Art what is not fun about that.

Coming soon more pictures of my Garden with Moxie.

Beautiful day outside


There are so many beautiful things going on outside and it inspired me of thing that make my heart to glow so here is sampling of what I found.

http://www.wimp.com/starflashmob/   <<—–This one made me cry for joy

http://themetapicture.com/steampunk-laptop/ < I so want to do this with one of my 3 laptops!

http://www.wimp.com/greatdad/ <<< —This was just darn cute

Beethoven just steals the show always this one just made my heart leap out of my chest for Joy!

Hallelujah for singing   << I imagine do random acts of music and joy in groups is catching on or something.  I dearly hope so…

Sound of Music anyone?


Prima Ballerina = Hard core cut throat performance art


Prima Ballerina = Hard core cut throat performance art

I have known ballerina’s and they are brutal to their bodies and when I found this article and then this beautiful photo I really wanted to share it. The truth is that anyone who dedicates their mind, body, and spirit to something will be an unstoppable force. So be mindful of the ballerina because I have never known any of them without the spirit and will to kick your butt if you give them crap.


Get Creative Folks

I am not sure if I have shared photos of my desk at work but I have origami,  cooking magazines, plants, self painted piggy banks, comics, wall art and more.  My co workers have said that I have the most creative and fun desk in the dept.  Most of my day in between helping folks on the phone save their financial bacon I am drawing, writing, embellishing my stuff with sharpies.  For a long time now I have been pushing more and more creative projects onto my plate.  Honestly I am not sure how others manage to not busy themselves with creative little projects through the day.  

But if you do struggle with finding more time to get  your creative bug out to terrorize the world with your art then I suggest looking at this link and site. 

Morning Coffee


Morning Coffee

Good morning everyone. Please enjoy this cute coffee art.

Make good art


I am a bit obsessive about creating bits of art. I drew bits of art on my phone, desk, wallet, letters, and I felt silly but good. I had not painted or drew in a long time but since I started take care of myself more art became necessary. I clearly started this blog and I have painted more, drawn more, and filled most of my personal books and items with my own personal art.

Question reality


Me: Kate I worry when you send me stuffs


because it is you
it is usually something too awesome to be real and then I have to question reality

me: See how you are.

Now that was way too awesome
Also sad.
most amazing things evoke strong emotions

Challenge the Solar System in your own way


Challenge the Solar System in your own way