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How to Exercise Your Human


Apparently I need to get a Purrsonal trainer to get in shape. Thank goodness for cats and dogs everywhere helping us humans get healthy enough to take care of them.

Walked a Mile


Today I was able to walk a mile and yes there was pain and huffing a puffing but I made it through. I am hoping that I can keep this up because I will get back on track for my 5k walks.  It feels like it has been longer than it has but I will get back to walking and I will cross the finish line.  

Walking some more


I began my walking of 5Ks to help myself be motivated to put myself mind, body and soul into a space where I could be part of the world in a better way.  My first 5K was only accomplished by my friends Lisa and Megan from work sticking with me the whole way.  During the shamrock run I was alone and it was hard to keep on keeping on.  I honestly had no one there and I wasn’t aware of how much I needed the emotional support of someone there keeping me motivated.  But I people in the events that support me while I am there and I realized why.  The challenge is emotional and an exercise in facing obstacles right in front of you.

When people see me at the events they are filled with pride that I have taken up the challenge that they did and they connect with me.  I am not alone when I walk or train I am one of thousands and that makes what I do matter.  Walking is as much of a challenge as fighting cancer because in many ways it is the same fight.  I know that the Boston Marathon bombings happened on Monday but today I began to cry because I understood and connected with it.

When I walk it is about getting to the end but what happens on the journey hurts and rips away at the things holding me back and changes me every step of the way.  I feel pride, lost, embarrassment, determination, joy, pain, happy, and sometimes lonely other times awkward and I always feel fear of not making it to the finish line.  It is unlikely I will ever get to participate in a marathon but I am hoping that I will continue to meet the challenges I set for myself.

Thank you so much for all of the support everyone has given me and I am hoping you will continue because I need it.

Swimming is good


I got up early and went to my swimming hole just to find it was all that I had hoped it would be.  There was a surprize when swam laps for 30 mins and that was me being sore and tired.  This was all the good sort of sore and tired and I actually have to correct that I was sore and energized and my body was tired but it also had energy to spare.  So I will be going again tomorrow morning since I survived the first day.  

While I rinsed a great deal after my swimmy time I still smelled of chlorine and my hair became statically charged. I am thinking I am going to want to cut my hair to better manage simming being in my life now.  Anyone want to help me cut my hair?

Oh all this swimming is to build up my stamina on my 5K walks and to get my muscles working without killing my joints. 


More run… damn

Lake Oswego Women’s Club
37th Annual Lake Run
May 11, 2013
Millennium Plaza Park
Event Schedule

7:00 am – Race day registration begins

8:00 am – Race day registration ends

8:30 am – 10k Start

8:45 am – 5k Start

10:30 am – Kids Dash

10:45 am – Awards

Event Fees

  • 5k Run/Walk – $30
  • 10k Run/Walk – $40
  • Kids Dash – $15
  • One-Mile Walk – $20
  • Family Package – $85
  • Includes 3 – 5ks

Team Registration – $4 off per participant

  • Minimum of 5 per team
  • Team Captains should email alan@uberthons.com to get Team Code
  • Each team participant will register using the Team Code provided



Hooray for charts


Hooray for charts


New Page

Hey everyone I have dedicated a page to my 5K participation this year and I wanted to share it with you.  Thanks for reading!

Hop hop half!


This is a shameless promotion of a 5K & half marathon that is happening this weekend that I would love to attend. 



I feel bad that I did not do better and this event it taking place on the Columbia river front so it will be very pretty.  I just don’t have the money to participate in this and I am not sure I could finish it with the time they have for it.  But regardless I might just show up to encourage people. 

Also these folks are the same people that put on the Valentine race that I was apart of. 


Walking more or less


I was not ready for this 5K.  

Because I was sick and stressed in the weeks prior I wasn’t training every day so while the first 5K was great this time I am in pain.  I am going to do my best to keep up with training so that when I go and do my 5k in Southern Oregon the Pear Blossom Run.  I am excited for that one because I get to see my family.  Please help support me with my continue efforts in doing a 5K run every month this year.

Strange changes


I have been confused by all the changes with getting healthy.

Walking more has made it easier to walk more.. yes this completely logical result is still confusing me.  I am enjoying getting stronger but I am not sure why I feel so out of place.  Much of me still hurts all of the time but it hurts less.  

I am very excited to be doing the Shamrock Run next month and there are only 27 days away for that event.  Being eager to march on to a new 5K after the Valentine Run I had signed up to the Shamrock Run and I am very glad I did because it has been sold out for about a month now.  I am considering getting a hoodie but I am not sure about that.  Right now I need to make sure that I am signed up for the Pear Blossom Run in Medford, Or for my April 5K.  

Wish me luck everyone.