Awaken by and by


Hey everyone so I have been out for the count for many reason but mostly my honest answer is that my depression sucked me into a black hole.  I left my body limp and unable to move for almost a year now and my heart was rendered unable of knowing love.  Water poured from my eyes as I faced the terror of losing all hope for moving forward.  I’ve moved too many times than I care to think about just trying to find stability.  My dreams have been filled worry and sorry but in the past month I have found something bring me back.

Creativity has been snuggling up to me at night and stoking the fires of mind.  There are some that see Art as useless but art saves lives and brings us the future our reason for living.  I’m working on my writing again and so you will get to see more of my works.  There is a campaign that I’ve started to start raising some money to pay off the medical bills from my cancers so that I can be released back to writing more.  Please spread the word and help with raising money to defeat the medical bill collectors.

Thank you again for all of your love and support my friends.



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