Golden light of the sun setting & the new dawn


I am sitting here at the end of the year watching my cat play with pompoms she got for Christmas and thinking about the things I have going on.  Last year I wasn’t sure where I was going to be because I was living in an apartment once again.  Sure the garden was amazing and the setting of my place was good but I felt like it was all just eroding under my feet.  Now I am living in a trailer that isn’t that warm nor functional but it is mine and I’ve already made vast improvements.  I must say I really like the smaller space for me I won’t lie and say it’s neat and tidy but as I re organize  the place just keeps getting more efficient.

My location where I am it great and it’s a big project but I love it and so does Moxie and that is what matters most.  We are having a winter storm this week bring the temp down below 30 and possibly below 20 so  a chill to be sure.  One of the big projects I have to deal with is removing the rest of the trees from the lot so that I can re-position the trailer so that it is not in the way of the best spot for the garden. Then prepare the ground where the trailer will sit then move the thing.  It’s all needs to happen and while it is winter and not fun to work outside it is the best time to do it to have a real impact on how next year rolls out.

Anyway I am still working on the Garden with Moxie project and I’ll keep you posted.  Have a beautiful week everyone.


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