In conclusion my friends


I haven’t posted since Sept this year because I have been in a really unstable space.  Things are settling down but I suspect I will be managing some of the big changes for a while.

I’ve moved into a travel trailer as of Oct and I left Forest Grove, or for the Beaverton hustle and bustle.   I got a minimum wage job in Willsonville, or doing call center work but it is difficult to know if I can manage expenses even if I have minimized much of the cost of living.   Trailer living is difficult and I had to throw away hundreds of dollars of my possession because I was having trouble finding help.  What I have now is really basic but even as find myself with less that I have ever had before I still can see stuff I don’t need.  I am designing/ re building the trailer I have to something that is more functional and more fun.

I am in a space where I can garden and have chickens and a bee hive but that will take some work but it’s nice that I will have more control to be able to do these things.  I have been asked why did I take such a risk and the answer is that I was more at risk when I was throwing all my money into places that I wasn’t supported and did not own.  I own my house and I am doing all of my own work and my kitty is welcome and I can paint the walls and re do the kitchen I can have control.  I can have chickens to cluck and peck in the yard and honey bees plus all gardening space I can manage for now.

Things are not easy but they are working out and I could use help and I am learning to ask for it.


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