I hate being sick and needing to get stuff done. Thankfully I have a few friends that can help me out.

SO yes I am moving into an RV and I am fearful of moving into an RV but I am ready to take the plunge.  This will be another learning experience for me but honestly if it wasn’t for me having cancer and the financial woes I wouldn’t be making this move. At least not this soon the actual plan was to build a tiny home and plop it onto some land with some cohorts building crazy fun stuff.  This is a bandaid on a difficult problem but it will be a project and my brain needs projects.  I want to be close to the trailer that I am transforming into a Mobile Seed bank so that I keep that project front and center.

I haven’t been working on this blog that much because of all the stuff going on with the Garden with Moxie project and I am sorry for that.  I am working really hard and I am hoping to have the energy to keep up with my writing and my projects.  Please send me good thoughts because I am sick and it is really bogging me down right now and I could use the cheers from you fine people.


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