Coffee is a beautiful thing


Quick story about the coffee pot that decided to break and in turn broke my heart because there was not coffee.  I thought maybe it was the caffeine but after trying to calm my pained mind I got a few energy drinks but it just wasn’t the same.  It led me to keep making coffee runs while I was out and I normally don’t do that and so I walked into the store in pursuit of a new pot. My search high and low of the place left me wondering if they just don’t want me to have a new pot but a whole new machine. 

I begin pondering about just getting a new machine but realized that was just dumb because I had a perfectly good machine I just needed the pot.  But as my search was ending without any results of a new pot I kept thinking of a new machine but my eyes found a french press.  This idea of getting a french press had it’s appeal because I could have pot that could handle tea and coffee and I only ever drink 2 cups of anything.  Then I realized that I could save myself a step in my morning breakfast of oatmeal but boiling water for the coffee and breakfast at the same time.  Brilliant and finally I put the french press in my basket and went to the check out.  

This morning I am having my cup of coffee and oatmeal and I have to say I feel so good about my choice.  The coffee is different and not in a bad way but I do want to now start getting some better coffee because the flavor seems to be more of a factor with the french press.  So I am happy that I broke my coffee pot and had to search for a new option. 

I hope everyone has a beautiful day and that it is filled with something that gets you going in a positive direction. 


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