Sunscreen chemicals = Cancer and bad times


Years and years before I got melanoma I said to people I would get cancer from the tons of sunscreen I lathered on as a kid.  It was kind of a joke I would make but I did actually believe it and then today I read this:


So I read this article about a study done about the causes of skin cancer and found that people who are exposed more to sun are less likely to develop cancer.  Wearing sunscreen in fact increases your chances of getting skin cancer.  I guess like all things excess can lead to bad things and the exposed to something that could kill you in small doses it usually best.  Like becoming immune to poisons by injesting a bit each day.

I think life is meant to be difficult and to enjoy it we must learn to live it better and be smarter than our problems.  This is why I love science it is all about studying, learning, and then doing.

Anyway I am waiting on a call from admissions about starting school in the fall but beyond that I am still just applying for jobs and making my house cleaner.. slowly.


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