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Hey everyone!

So I want show you what I have done so far with my first year of working with a garden in the ground. 



Everything I have ever grown have been in pots or containers like this lovely shamrock that I have had for over a year.  I’ve had a wonderful amount of plants over the years but I’ve not have a garden till this year. 





Moxie always loves it when I go out to weed and check on my garden that I have planted. Image              Image



She loves to hide in the among the onions hunting bugs while I dig around. Here is where I planted the peas a month ago along with the carrots and beets.

Image    Image


This was my planting of Carrots … they didn’t all come up but they are doing okay the ones that survived.  

My beets I started as well in my own make shift starter cardboard tray.  

Image           Image

Image               Image     

Anyway I am going to post some more photos of the cucumbers, bok choy, turnips, beets, and whatever else I am forgetting. Honestly I am thinking of going back to school to study horticulture because of how naturally it comes to me.  It would allow me to study and work on things I have a talent for. I have to consider several things like the cost of it and where I would qualify to attend but I think that this is something that I need to look into.  The cost is really something I am worried about because of how much college seems like it has diminishing returns like buying a new car.  But after working several years in simple office grinding environments I feel like I am not getting healthy and after suffering 2 different cancers, obesity, arthritis, pre-diabetic, anemia, so something has to give.  My skills at research, calculation, my love of watching and studying growth around me and the ability to communicate well needs a new avenue.  Being without work currently is giving me the opportunity to work on things that will be best for me and how I can better effect the world around me in a better way.  I hope everyone can spend time to know themselves and enjoy life. 


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