Bright Idea Monday


This is my bright idea for Monday, to be more practical about energy and save money.

What about a community shared grid power supply instead of a giant company with not enough oversight?   My thought of why big companies that generate power need so much regulation and yet also seem to get away with pollution is because it is not in our own back yard.  If we collectively make our own power and shared it on the grid we would see the possible toxic problems and address them as we found them.  It just an idea and I found that people are doing this already and there are a variety of stories with complicated issues.  India, Germany, several countries in Africa along with several pocket communities of these power grids.  After disasters we pull out all of these generators that are very toxic costly and I think that on a shared generating power grid it would be easier to recover. 

Because I like this idea of making my own energy I am going to see about what DIY projects are cheap and easy to make.  I am going research this some more and I think my first project is to make a passive solar heater for a chicken coop.  If all the Pintrest sites are right I should be able to do it for about $5-10 bucks.



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