Pluto we missed you


No longer a moon Pluto is a Planet. 

Yes everyone Pluto is back and I cannot be more happy for our solar system no longer a ‘dwarf planet’.  The International Astronomical Union (IAU) marched on in line with classifications as science is want to do and for a time our dear Pluto was not a planet.  In our hearts we knew this was a problem but it was hard to argue because they had all these rules.  But as with science and the planets things shift and perspective is gained after time and finally we know more and we grow and come to a new understanding. Honestly the history of Pluto is sort of amazing because we weren’t really able to see it for a long time and it was Newtonian physics that kept telling us about our brother in the solar system. In 2005 there were some measurements coming in for the stars and it was discovered that there moons of other plants that were larger than Pluto.  It was in 2006 the IAU kicked the planet in the teeth and called it a dwarf planet and not to be a full planet. This was a cold burn in our hearts that had come to love this awkward planet and did not care the size because our heart knew the truth that Pluto was our 9th planet. 

This is not the first time science has done this and there have been movies and books telling this story of science and common understanding being at odds.  The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill is a story of one example but honestly this happens all the time.  We will do this again to ourselves but if we keep at it and being honest with ourselves and what is the truth things can find a balance.  

Please take a moment today and open your hearts again to the joy and hope that is science for doing the right thing.


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