Friday is no Fool


It’s the end of the usual work week but I have another day ahead of me with my Tuesday through Saturday shift and I like it.  Saturdays are always a bit more relaxed and the crew is smaller and closer to each other.  But Friday is a special place in our western world with movies, books, songs, and restaurants dedicated to our Friday culture.  It is one of only 3 days in the week that is not a duplicate letter starter like Tuesday and Thursday or Saturday and Sunday.

It is special and even if it is not the end of the week for some like me it is still no fool and about it’s significance.  Banks close all financial postings at the end of this day and every transaction we make this day until Monday is in limbo free falling through the weekend.  Friday is the gateway to a different type of business for restaurants, entertainment, food shopping, indulgent is the name of the game for weekend and Friday is our signal for that.

All serious business matters have to be concluded on Friday so there is much pressure to get it done because in some way if you don’t get it done you’ve failed a bit.  It can be a no mans land trying to get anything official done because people leave early to start their weekends and I know my work half of the departments close shop early.  Emergencies that roll in are subject to a critical time crunch and it can be difficult to say the least.  

Friday is a complicated day of the week because it marks the start of freedom but also the last day anyone can get most business done.  Friday pulls it off with grace and style feeling both casual and professional in its skills at getting the task at hand done.  It is the best of the work days because the pressure is sliding off of everyone and when things feel their time crunch people seems to come together more on a Friday and so you see more professionalism on Fridays.  

So on this the last Friday of the month I bid you all Aloha as it is Aloha Friday! 



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