Thursday is full of thought


Good morning,

I haven’t posted in a while because things have been difficult getting online access but I’ve saved up a bunch of good ideas.  Things I have been working on have been making a model for a tiny home that I hope to build in a few years.  The garden has been taunting me with ideas about what to plant and I keep thinking of Thomas Jefferson and Monticello with all of the experimental gardening and testing and growing of hybrids and such.  Jefferson was an amazing driven man that couldn’t stop being a scientist and experimenting or finding new modern things.  Cleaning has been my focus this past few weeks and so I have been sorting through my stuff and making plans to sell, donate, toss, or find a new use for.  It may sound strange but I am planning on getting rid of some books I have in my collection and this is because I’ve read them and they are not just space savers for new books!  

Moxie my kitty is doing wonderful and when I adopted her she was underweight and her back legs were lacking muscle so I am happy to report she has been gaining weight and her back legs are strong now.  She will sometimes play fetch with me and because I let her outside to play she has started asking to go outside when she needs to potty.  Leash training has been well enough but we haven’t been on a walk in a while.  She had decided that 5am is the best time to wake me up.. yeah 5AM.  But I am a morning person so this is not so bad and I get to watch her be crazy as she plays and plays and plays.  

Anyway thanks so much for reading and enjoying a cup of coffee with me.  I will write again really soon… oh have you heard about the crazy story about study on Autism this past week?   Here is a neat picture of the patches in the brain they have found with that study.



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