Kitchen Science!

How to Make Soy Yogurt
For all my Vegan, soy, and veggie friends but not limited to all my DIY friends or my crafty friends, or my crazy kitchen stuff is cool friends, oh and not to forget all of my friends that say “I will do it myself damn it”… also if you just think what a neat concept you people might enjoy it too!
Simpler and shorter than 12 step programs but they are important so pay attention to the times.
        Soy Milk
        Starter (plain soy yogurt)
        Yummy things after the yogurt is made to give it some more hooray in your mouth flavors.
The ‘Steps’ 
Step 1.
        Buy or make soymilk < Yeah you can totally make it yourself and it is simpler than you might         think.
Step 2.
        Heat the milk to 42°-45° C or 107.6°-113°F  Important!
Be sure that the temperature is correct.  Yogurt culture will only survive in a very narrow temperature.  Use a thermometer, I would normally say this is a tip but really don’t do this without a thermometer because I love ya and I don’t want you to hate yourself if you get this wrong.
Step 3.
        Add 4 tablespoons of the starter to the soy milk and mix well with a sterile spoon. Also by sterile I am not talking about running a spoon under the hot water and using a towel to dry it. Use soap and wash the damn thing because the cultures are sensitive and you want to be sure you get this right. 
Step 4.
        Put the yogurt into a yogurt maker.  Follow the directions for your brand of yogurt maker.  Yogurt makers will vary wildly in price but all do the same thing and have a timer but for those of use who don’t have one of these things here are some ideas on doing it without a separate device.  For the record I totally want a yogurt maker because kitchen gadgets are super fun!
*If you don’t have a yogurt maker, put the yogurt in the oven at 42°-45° C or 107.6°-113°F, for about 5-6 hours.  Also you can use a Heating pad by the way to do the same thing also you can if you have crock pot with programmable settings for temp and time that works too.
Step 5 or as I like to call step 1 part B.
        Yogurt will be runnier than dairy yogurt so you need to thicken and chill.
Add one level teaspoon of agar powder or 2 teaspoons or starch premixed with 50 ml of water to the soy milk when it begins to boil.
Alternatively, add one tablespoon of soy protein to soy milk before boiling it.
Okay people if you make this at home I want to hear about your science experiment with growing things in your food and then eating it.  This is why kitchen science is cool!

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