Soggy Snow


Today I was able to get out of my apartment and it was so soggy getting down the plowed road but it was also fun.  When I am stuck at home I always have my radio tuned to OPB my local public radio station and while the news reports get old it is still nice to get some of the nice programs.  I like being home and listening to all of the shows and then to turn off the radio and enjoy the quiet of the snowy days we’ve had. Just outside of my door I was able to spy the poor birds trying to find food and warmth and I made me want to have some seeds to throw out for them.  I was thinking just a few weeks ago that I was going to dig up and turn over the soil for my garden and I am glad I did not.  But I am eager for the rain to wash away the snow even if I did like it I want to enjoy the rain of spring so that I can be able to plant by March and April.  

Planting a garden this year is going to be my main project for the year I think but I am also going to be working with a friend to build a pair of beehives with a friend.  The other project is I am going to be helping a friend set up a chicken coop in his side yard.  It may seem like a bit to take on but mostly I am going to be working on the gardening I am actually just helping with the other projects.  By helping I mean doing the research and find the materials at a good prices so that it wont break the budget. Honestly it is really a way for me to put together spreed sheets that I love and then to get some experience with two things I want to do later on when I have my own place.

So I love my alone time and time with friends but mostly I love projects and getting inspired.  I hope that everyone finds something to be inspired by today. 


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