92-Year-Old Grandma Shares 30 Years of Embroidered Temari Balls


These are just amazing and I needed to share the art and science that is in these balls.


embroidered temari balls japan (1)

Photograph by NanaAkua
Website | Facebook | Flickr


NanaAkua is a graphic designer and illustrator from Japan. Back in 2009 she uploaded an incredible 468-picture gallery on Flickr that featured the amazing embroidery work of her then 88-year-old grandmother over a span of 30 years.

Her grandmother practices a folk art form known as Temari. Meaning ‘hand ball’ in Japanese, the art form was introduced to Japan by China around the 7th century A.D. Traditionally, Temari are highly valued and cherished gifts, symbolizing deep friendship and loyalty. The brilliant colors and threads used are symbolic of wishing the recipient a brilliant and happy life.

The embroidery work is highly detailed and challenging but if you’re interested in trying it out or learning more there’s a great step-by-step introduction guide on Instructables.com. An alternative step-by-step guide may also be found at temari.com

Below you will find a small…

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