Love Letters


I hate wasting my days and I often feel that I do because I have joint pain from arthritis that developed after I went through treatments for cancer.  I also have anemia and I am overweight.   I also have emotional pain of being completely god-smacked by medical appointments and bills, managing family time, working too hard for my body & mind to heal, and being afraid to ask for help when I am drowning in things I need to get done but cannot find the energy to get out of bed.

Recently I started work on a novel something that as a child, adolescent, and adult I have longed to start, slog through, and finish.  This fills me with great joy but this like many other things will get overshadowed by depression or just pain that keeps me in bed.  But I want to do this thing that fills me with joy and I am determined to find a way through just like I found a way through cancer.


Of course because it is December like many others I find myself thinking on what I want to do next year to make it amazing or just better than the year prior.  Last year and throughout this year I have started writing letters to friends and family.  Good old fashion pen and paper, envelope licking, stamp buying letters.  It felt good, really good and it gave me something to do when I wasn’t feeling good and when I was feeling good.  So I next year I am going to make the letter writing and novel writing something I work 2 days a week on.

Sunday and Mondays I will head down to the Library and write my letters and work on my novel.  I will bring stationary, stamps, and envelopes for anyone who wants to join me.

Sunday  Afternoon

Hillsboro Main Library – First level

2850 NE Brookwood Parkway

Hillsboro, OR 97124

Monday  Afternoon unless I have a doctor appointment.

Forest Grove City Library

2114 Pacific Avenue

Forest Grove, OR 97116


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