Bigger on the inside


Yes like the TARDIS my new apartment is bigger on the inside.

So of course with moving into a new space it is always a pain and wonderful like today I was unpacking a box and found Toilet Paper and I was so grateful because I hadn’t any and was using napkins.   So while the last person who lived in the studio that I am now currently in had their bed front and center I really wanted to make better use of space.  

I worked and worked all day and as it turns out I am able to have much more than just a simple studio apartment..

  • bedroom
  • living room
  • den
  • kitchen
  • dining area
  • office
  • bathroom
  • dressing room

Now I wasn’t able to dedicated a space for my art work yet or a gallery wall but I will and honestly the dining area is still under construction.  I don’t have a small table or chair to accommodate an actual dining area so currently I eat in the den or living room.  These two spaces are distinguished by my black leather chair for the living room and my blue denim chair for the den and both make for a great living space and choices of seating areas.  If and when I get a TV I will have a theater space I think but realistically I am not big on TV watching or playing video games.   Please don’t die of shock everyone I am still a geek because I still love my science, comics, and projects I just don’t have time to get into a social 0 point of contact thing like playing a video game.  I would rather be in contact with people online or in person. 

Anyway I should have my place put together fully by the end of the month and will host a small party I think to celebrate and it will be my first actually housewarming party.  I hope I can find my plates and cook something fun for everyone!


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