Sometimes it matters


Years ago I started fighting and I haven’t stopped but I have finally come to the conclusion that I am wearing myself out faster than I am making headway.  This is my first post in a while and I have really missed writing.  So many nerdy and geeky things I have thought of blogging about but I have been bogged down in the mire of pain.  

This week I made the choice to stop working on putting myself in an early grave and to start lifting myself out of the fog of war.  In the next few weeks I will be leaving my work and start disability leave.  My world has been filled with too much pain to ignore and my body has finally convinced me that I should focus on me. 

First step is to conquer the paperwork monsters and luckily I love origami and spreadsheets so I think I will be good.  

Second step will be to find a place to live that is not going to exacerbate my arthritis and that may take more work than the paperwork of disability.  

Yes there will be more steps but I am working thing slowly to do them without over stressing myself.  I hope that the spirit can move within me and see me through the end of my journey.  


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