Nature’s 3D Printers: Using Honeybees to Create Art


Bees are so cool and I was just amazed at reading this article this morning. I am just happy that I am not the only one that thinks so. This is something I would love to see and watch happen in person but this is the next best thing. I hope everyone has a great day.



The importance of bees cannot be understated. In the US alone, the Department of Agriculture estimated that bees pollinate about 80% of flowering crops, constituting about 1/3 of everything Americans eat. Their ability to pollinate has a tremendous environmental and economic impact on the entire globe.

And now their influence is spreading to the art world where artists have used bees’ ability to build honeycomb to create sculptures made of the hexagonal wax cells. Honey bees naturally build honeycomb in their nests to contain their larvae and stores of honey and pollen. Below you will find a collection of bee art sculptures from various artists who have been experimenting with this technique since the early 2000s. Enjoy!


Dewar’s ‘3-B’ Printing Project

3-bee printing dewar's sid lee ebeling group honeycomb sculptures (2)


Whisky brand Dewar’s 3-B printing project was a collaboration with their marketing agencies, Sid Lee and The Ebeling Group. To promote their new Highlander Honey flavour…

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