And Switch!


Most things change in a blink of an eye and that is why we miss them when they happen.  Your eyes are closed and the world changes just slightly but enough to alter destiny. Image

 It would be amazing to be awake and aware enough to see the change and follow it through to the end.  In every moment their infinite possibilities for what an outcome will be but we are always blinking so we miss half of the choices up for grabs.  In many ways quantum physics is the science of possibilities and “what if’s”, “the other shoe”, “roads not taken”.  Our lives are spent with a mental production crew creating a movie of what a different choice could have meant.  

My worry with this internal filmmaking is that it can be distracting from doing something really interesting.   I am not really sharing much today other than my love of quantum physics, possibilities, and wasted time.  This weekend I have to pick between church or the beach and honestly both are awe inspiring and deeply cleansing places for me.  It is honestly a hard call for me so I am distracted.


 But my choice will come about soon enough so take care and good luck. 


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