Fishy fun


I love my fish Flippant because he is a dork and co dependent/independent just like me.  About a month ago I had him living on a tank at my desk at work but found out it was against policy so he now lives here at home with me.


Now that I am focusing on my writing and at my desk at home Flippant is happy to have me around more.  I found out that he is expecting to have some lady friends over because he keeps making bubble nests for himself.  This means he is happy and ready to settle down and have a family.  Sadly I can’t get internet into his tank for dating sites or take him to any bars but we have hopes for and his future.


I was first grossed out by all of the scumy bubbles but when I applied science to it found that it just meant he was happy.

Anyway I hope everyone has a wonderful fish filled day.


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