So many moons out there in the big scary universe… okay that is a lie because the universe is not scary it is a very wonderful and expansive series of things I don’t yet know.  Pluto was just given a crew of moons.  Nix, Stryx, Hydra, Charon, Kerberos have all been approved by IAU and while there were many names offered including Vulcan by our dear William Shatner the IAU decided on these. 

Other Moon news is that there is an asteroid out there with a moon!  The name of the asteroid is 1998 QE2  and I just don’t know what to think about this.  Well actually I think “hooray” because that just sounds fantastic to me.  Yes it is a near earth asteroid but it makes me think of a dad taking his kid to work.  

Anyway I will leave you with this image to enjoy my friends. 



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