Strange life


It seems that most of the folks I meet and like have a strange relationship with the world.  Today I had a doctors appointment and then I was able to schedule an physical therapy session today for the first time.  It was a bit of serendipity that it happened that way because I would have likely put that off for another day and not gotten it done at all.  That is the way of most of the things I should get done but is not pressing.  Anyway I know I have strange and complicated life and that is okay but a reminder of that came to me at the PT session when I explained that I knew the terms because I was a massage therapist.  While I am very happy that I know such a variety of studies to be able to meet people on their level.  I think being able to communicate on a sliding scale of experiences has made me very good at reaching where people feel comfortable quickly so it makes my job easy.  So having a strange life has very practical application if you speak with people from around the country.  

Thank goodness for strange lives.


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