Happy Birthday To A Cookie Goddess


I was so excited when I took the time and read the instruction then followed them making cookies. It was like a night and day difference in the cookies and it taught me a profound respect for following directions and what creaming butter and sugar together will do. I hope everyone can enjoy a good cookie today or at least follow directions.

Eleventh Stack

Chocolate_chip_cookies Ruth Graves Wakefield came into the world on this day in 1903, and twenty-seven years later she accidentally invented the chocolate chip cookie.  Take a moment to let that sink in.  Someone had to invent one of the greatest bakery items in the history of civilization.  When you eat things like chocolate chip cookies you never think of where they first come from, do you?  You can read about this and other food related discoveries in Deborah Kops’ Were Potato Chips Really Invented By An Angry Chef? : And Other Questions About Food.

In addition to making you hungry, you’ll learn that Mrs. Graves Wakefield developed her amazing recipe for chocolate chip cookies while baking at the Toll House Inn.  More proof that truth trumps fiction.  So a date like this gives us a chance to share the titles of three well loved baking cookbooks from CLP’s double-stuffed shelves.

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