Gear heads


I wasn’t always a gear head and in many ways I feel like I am faking it but I love the mechanics of cars. When I was a kid I loved to build stuff and to play with the mechanics of just about anything.  As a child my family cat had kittens and they were just adorable but they couldn’t make it up and down the  stairs of our house.  I devised a plan to get them up and down the stairs by making a elevator for them.  It failed miserably because the kittens just couldn’t stay put  in the basket.  I tell this story because it was me building something and it is the basis of why I love the mechanics of cars.  

It took me till I was 26 to get my drivers license and part of the reason why I finally got it then was I hired a private instructor and asked them to share with me the mechanics of driving.  How cars were designed to show you the distance between objects and how street markers were placed so that you could judge distance.  It was only after I knew these mechanics did I get comfortable with the process of driving.  I had actually known how to drive before but I simply hadn’t felt comfortable.  

The cars I have owned have been strange and have taught me so much about what I now enjoy about driving.  I firsted owned a Honda Spree scooter then a Honda Twinstar motorcycle my first car was a Corsica.  The Corsica was crap and falling apart but I did like the way the chassis was built and how it handled everything I put it through as a relatively new driver.  The next car I had was a Taurus and that thing drove like a bloated walrus but I did learn how to fix it often and I taught myself how to do a “J-Turn”.  

Anyways for years I have been teaching myself how to fix my cars and drive them even when they had problems.Currently I am loving my Lady Bug and I am going to be taking care of her so that she is around for a few years longer than the others I have had. 

I know this story is not really complete but I have many things todo today so I have to close.


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