And Switch!


I have been dancing a complicated world I like to call the “fuck my life shuffle”.  Although it seems that it would have no rhythm but like kung fu fighting it is a series of steps and when you falter it is just the cue to switch the beat.My life has been without my wirting outlet and that has been difficult for me but I am getting things accomplished.  

We all have a dance and we falter but instead of using the option to fall down we can chose to use it too look more amazing by switching things up,  The hard part about that is well that it is hard and take mental focus to find a new step beat.  Our heart beats, our lungs pump air and we move in a Tikki Tikki Tembo way and we call this life.  Planning helps, thinking, and being practical help but it just take time to find the right rhythm.

I am going to be writing again as much as I can but I suggest that everyone find a good childrens book to pick up where they left off on the last project.   My book right now is Rikki Tikki Tavi the story of the mongoose and the cobra.


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