Great moms


Happy Mother’s Day
My mother’s name is Rita and I really like that name and I often use it for characters in stories that I write.  The ability to be inspired by the world around me reflects how I learned to look at the world as a child at my mother’s side.  I call her mommy or mama as a child and that hasn’t changed now that am an adult because that’s what makes sense.
While on family hikes in the woods or just a walk in our neighborhood mommy would point out the oddities and creepy crawlies to show us how interesting life was.  This is how I held onto my scientific minds as a child and to absorb inspiration around me.  Pointing out things like spider webs and caterpillars or strangely shaped leaves or cool looking rocks.  I learned that everything is beautiful even it is not beautiful to everyone or every day.  More importantly I learned that you have look for it and that the work of finding the beauty is worth it.
Rita is also an artist or that is how I saw her as a child because she can draw almost anything and people can know what it is clearly.  As I child my sister and I would ask her to draw us things like houses or hamburgers because we thought she was the best artist in the world.  She always uses simple bold lines so that what she draws is clear and represents the idea intended.  We would get big swatches of butcher paper and draw for hours together when I was a kid and taking the time to be artistic is important. 
While it seems second nature to me to look at a room and evaluate where things are in relation to each other and how things are being used it is a learned skill from my mother.  Noticing and being able to see what is missing and what is there, recall it later to note it to another person is becoming an oddity. I might stick out among my friends I am happy that I have these skills.  In pop terms it’s called being present for a moment and it is not easy for everyone when it is not a skill learned from childhood.
My mother is a great writer and teller of stories and it was and is something I am jealous of and worry about doing anything as well as she.  There are many writers that are not published but they send emails or write to friends and family that are amazing and my mother is one of them.  While I love writing I always compare myself to her because I view her as being successful and respected for her words. 
I hope that everyone has a great mother and I hope they know how much you are inspired by them.



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