Awesome mom


My step mothers name is Kathy and she is amazing.  She has had to deal with cancer and many tragedies and I just love her strength.  When I think of open and accepting hearts I think of this woman because without thinking about it she welcomed me and my sister as hers.  She gave all should could when she was asked and sometimes more than she had to give. 
A few years back I got my first car that was her sons from in high school and it was great for a first car and I took it to the beach.  The beach trip was great and it was amazing to be free and finally be able to travel on my own.  Sadly on the trip back the car died and I didn’t even have the experience to know what might have been wrong.  Kathy paid for the head that blew to get fixed and didn’t ask for anything in return. 
When I had the surgery to remove the cancer in my thyroid she was the only family that was able to make it up to be there with me and I will never forget that. 
I was a bride’s maid in her wedding to my father and she will be soon marring a wonderful new guy and I will be a bride’s maid for her again.
Kathy loves wine, freedom, and chocolate and to have a good time and to live life.  I would like to remember to take care of myself as much as she does.  I often forget to indulge and enjoy the fruits of life.
I hope folks have a wonderful person like Kathy my stepmother in their life. She has a heart of gold and I couldn’t ask for a better stepmother.


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