When I think of eating  anything it is usually meat, starch, or a crisp fruit like an apple so I am not often eating something like Kale.  I need a cultural food change within me that takes the habits currently destroying my life due to their high sugar and fats.  While I am overweight I was actually working hard at eating better for a while but I got sick.  When I get sick or my pain levels get too high I simply cannot cook for myself and I fall into bad habits.

But I am not alone and the really nice thing is that I love the healthy stuff and I am good at preparing it but I am not good at having the energy to keep it up.  What I am lacking is a good solid food routine to make preparing food and someone to prep for me.

Currently I am working on getting my body back up to walking and swimming daily.  If I can get through 2 weeks of swimming and walking then I should have a routine set and a way to move forward.  The next step after this workout routine setting will be food prep for myself so that I am not overspending on prepared meals due to being in pain or sick.

This is where community comes into play and everyone should find a group of people that will inspire them to do what makes them healthy and happy.   Each time I go on my 5K walks I am working on getting to that healthy happy point.  Living another day is always the goal for me because I love the sunshine in the sky making rainbows for me.

blah blah blah … can you tell I am just trying and am tired?  Sorry guys for getting all sappy on you but I will get better just watch.

When I think of eating  anything it is


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