DO MATH or Do Not


Me: I may need to bitch about people doing math wrong

Friend:found a problem?

Me: Oh yes
So say everyone shares a bill but one has slipped through the cracks and is not paid for 4.5 months

Me: or in theory because when said bill was found to be unpaid it was satisfied by one person.

Me:They state they have paid an amount and have rounded it to $100 and the set amount month to month is 21.88, that means by the math that is 4.5 months. But that is unclear because the individual is refuses to share what the bill actually came to.

Me: If I break down the math further all that is owed to him is 63.02 and not 100 that he is demanding.. I am calculating in 5.47 owed by a person who owes only one month of this bill. That amount is subtracted from the $100 and the remainder is divided by 3 for the individuals who shared the month it was behind.

Friend: wait is this 21.88 monthly over 4.5 months?

me: the person is claiming they paid approximately $100 and the bill is a set amount month of $21.88
so 21.88 goes into 100 4.5 times aprox

Friend: so you don’t know how long they’ve not been paying?

me: Nope they will not share any more information
I have asked and they only want to give “rounded” numbers to split the bill and are demanding $100 be paid to them

Friend: that starts to sound pretty illegitimate.

me: what end?

Friend: the whole demanding money and not disclosing information key to figuring out how much.


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