True Blue Organic


First off I want to say I love color and the way strikes at our minds evoking emotions that we cannot control.  That may sound odd but let me explain a bit about what we have down on paper to date just a few science things about color.



I am extremely attracted to the bold use of color and how it changes our feeling about something.  We change our world most often via color and the colors we like say much about us.  Case in point the Dutch are in love with orange (Did you know that the carrot is orange because the Dutch like orange?)



Okay but the real reason why I am writing is because I love color and how much I am changing because of color I think.  Yes I have always loved rainbows and I think that might be because I grew up in Hawaii but that is not all of it.  I will confess that I was really particular to red, purple, and blue as a kid.  Pink was too sissy for me mostly because I didn’t like being thought of as a wuss.  What I find ironic about that is in the movie Grease (my favorite movie as a kid) the Pink Lady’s were badass.  Honestly it was Barbie and girl toys in general that ruined pink for me but now I love pink.  It is amazing how much we obsess about color but we are hardwired for color responses.  What inspired me to write about color was a photo of a blue tomato and how much I wanted to know if a blue tomato would taste the same.




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